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Division of Labor and Gender Roles in the Society - Essay Example

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This essay, Division of Labor and Gender Roles in the Society, presents division of labor refers to the cooperation of people in a community to perform different and specified roles associated with the economic, social and political activities of the community. …
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Division of Labor and Gender Roles in the Society
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Extract of sample "Division of Labor and Gender Roles in the Society"

Download file to see previous pages This essay declares that culture refers to a way of life of society. It entails the society's behaviors, beliefs, values and symbols the society accepts to govern itself. Men have the tendency to conform to the views of society and how they are expected to deliver their roles. With women's nurturing nature more so towards children, there begins a close relationship with them. This in the view of men is sensitive and fragile, making them feel stronger and dedicate themselves to technical activities.

This paper highlights that child care and homemaking are part of the works considered to be for women. This makes them closer to home than men as they have to care for people in the homestead. Men take public jobs to be away from home. This makes them more respected as providers than women who are rarely seen in the society. The third theory describes the division of labor with respect to the objective relationship and the family life of people. At the age of three children tend to know themselves hence the task of becoming comfortable, aware and responsible for your gender and its roles and. They begin to find ways of being emotionally secure with who you are and hence be happy. Women's nature to nurture begins to develop in girls, and they slowly progress and assume the role fully. For the little boys, they love their mothers' way of care learns soon that they cannot grow up to be like them but to be like their fathers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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