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Title: Assess the idea that globalisation is Americanisation - Essay Example

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Globalization is a process of interconnectedness between societies such that events in one part of the world have effects on peoples and societies in the economic, political, social and cultural platforms (Ritzer . 2007 p 32). Globalization can also be defined as the integration…
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Essay title: Assess the idea that globalisation is Americanisation
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"Title: Assess the idea that globalisation is Americanisation"

Download file to see previous pages It is the process of integration of the diverse world communities into a common system either economically or socially, usually achieved in various phases and by the influence and dominance of one system compared to the others. For instance, the American capitalistic system has dominated in the global markets and hence the world tends to copy or follow the trends. Globalisation first phase is the integration of the world communities in a coherent economic system. The second phase involves the constituent of global governance. But while America might not have perfected in the two phases entirely its presence in the global trends asserts its rightful place.
The advantages of the globalization transgress the geographical barriers whether economically such as spreading of opportunities and jobs across the universe and socially such as adopting the foreign culture and incorporating it in the lifestyle of the local community. Globalisation involves the struggle of balance of local living with the external forces foreign to the local culture. Casey (2000, pp. 268-278) argues that, “the globe has become a locality whereby once the global influences assert themselves then very little is left”.
Globalization acquires its substance and its materiality place and becomes a virtual locality, for very little is left when the global flows are abstracted. In such, globalization trend is the struggle and tension of local assertions of identity and culture against the universal dynamic sense of being a relatively progressive source of overall change or as a modality which preserves an existing global system in its present state (Robertson, 1995 p. 33). The tension between local assertion and the global influence to the locals portrays that the planet is falling precipitately apart and at the same time reluctantly coming together (Barber, 1992 p. 53).
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Globalisation: in foreign countries. The report attributed this huge rate of immigration to globalization that has made it possible for people to move from one country to another. Most of the immigrants are either seeking employment or in pursuit of education. Millions of immigrants have been able to send financial assistance to their families, while still investing in their countries. This has assisted in the alleviation of poverty, and fostering economic development. This is an indication that globalization has had a positive effect in improving the stand of living of millions of people globally. Market liberalisation Market liberalization is one of the main characteristics of globalization. The term refers to the idea of...
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