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1.Women into senior management. Gender communication barriers - Essay Example

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After having a sold academic foundation, these women have attained a great deal of success in their career but most of the cases their tremendous effort for the company has…
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1.Women into senior management. Gender communication barriers
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Download file to see previous pages , from their colleagues also they do not receive a friendly approach rather their “work lives had been made intolerant by constant harassment.” In her work, Suppressed, Forced out and Fired: How Successful Women Lose Their Jobs, the Reeves (1951, 65) has remarked, while taking about tragic plight of women at workplaces, “Several of the women faced bullying and eventual termination from more than one job.” There are also various cases, where, “women were not technically fired or formally made redundant,” (Reeves, 1951, 65) and those victims have described their situation as “being forced out.” (Reeves, 1951, 65) Many people can argue that such incidents are mostly frequent in the developing nations. The author has studied cases of ten women and most of them were working in developed nations like UK or Australia. The truth behind such observation we understand not only from analysis of the author but also from our daily experiences. There is no denial of the fact that even in job scenario of the 21st century gender discrimination is a major issue and women are mostly victimized under the prevailing patriarchal atmosphere is the companies. Despite their talent, efficiency and commitment for the company, most often, women have to strive more in comparison with their male counterparts to reach the senior managerial level. Even after reaching such height, she cannot communicate with her subordinates properly due to gender communication barrier.
According to the social scientists and psychologists basic features or behaviorist approach of a woman does not suit are not in accordance with modern work culture. Since the post globalization period, the private enterprises have expanded to a great extent and the work culture that is followed there, has also affected huge effect even over the public enterprises also. When a person is elevated at the managerial position he or she is supposed to fulfill a lot of job responsibility, managing and planning for his or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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