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College Scholarship questions - Essay Example

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My father is in construction, and my mother is an educator. Hence the family’s emphasis on a good education for better prospects. As is the case with most households,…
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College Scholarship questions
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Download file to see previous pages Besides the access to excellent research programs and world renowned faculty, I have a soft spot for the universiy that has been the alma mater of many of my family members. My father too dreamt of graduating from here, but due to family problems had to begin working soon after high school. He’d be proud to see me graduate from a school after his own heart.
I come from a small rural farming community and have worked with Hereford Cattle since I was 9 years old. I have started a small successful business with my Hereford herd and I want to improve my herd and work with other ranches to help develop and improve animal breeding. The department of Animal Science at A&M has undergraduate courses in animal breeding and genetics available to students like me and the possibility of participating in such research programs excites me.
The field of embryo research and animal breeding is the goal I have set for myself. I shall work very hard to learn as much as I can while I pursue my bachelor’s degree. I plan to make full use of the facilities and the expert guidance that TAMU can offer me to help me attain my goal of doing a doctorate in embryo research. I want to be an embryologist and work towards new and path breaking research in this field.
I am passionate about my job and enjoy every day to the fullest. I’d like to make a huge success of my chosen career; at the same time have a happy and contented family life. I’d love to discover something new for the cattle industry, make my mark in this field and contribute my mite to the future of the ranching ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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College Scholarship Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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