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Genetically modified animals - Research Paper Example

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Genetically Modified Animals Professor Course: Date: Biological basis The genetically modified animals belong to the universal category of genetically modified organisms (GMO). Genetic engineering method or technique is vital to the process of altering the genetic material of the organism…
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Genetically modified animals
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Download file to see previous pages It is imperative to modify the DNA of the germ line cells during the process of creating genetically modified animals. By modifying the DNA of germline cells, it becomes easier for the modified DNA to be inheritable (Starr, Evers, & Starr, 2013). While introducing the foreign DNA, it is necessary to consider only those that have the capacity to differentiate into different cells of an adult animal. Besides, the embryonic stem (ES) cells and cells of embryos at very early stages might also be considered for the process of creating genetically modified animals. Even though such cells are post-zygotic, they clearly represent a development phase characterized by incomplete separation of the germline and the soma (Starr, Evers, & Starr, 2013). In essence, such cells usually have the capacity to give rise to both the germline and somatic cells. Apparently, a transgenic animal is normally produced when a foreign DNA molecule is introduced into the cell of an animal through artificial means. The transgene (the foreign DNA molecule) may contain just one or several genes. The transgenic animal produced upon inserting a transgene into the already fertilized cells or oocyte from the early embryo, will be able to transmit the foreign DNA in its germline (Starr, Evers, & Starr, 2013). ...
Incidentally, gene targeting has only been possible in mice while efforts to employ it in other mammals have proven futile (Forman, 2010). The design of several new animal of human disease has been necessitated by the ability of the transgenic mice to perform specific changes in a prearranged or predetermined gene via gene targeting. In addition, other experimental approach that involves genetic manipulation of various animal species has highly influenced the genetic engineering procedure (Forman, 2010). The somatic cell nuclear transfer procedure has ushered in a new era in mammalian genetics. For the first time in history, the procedure approved the cloning of an adult mammal. Social and Ethical Implications Various social groups have come out as the strongest opponents of the efforts to adopt the genetically modified animals. For example, different religious groups consider GMOs as a gross violation of the fundamental tenets that have kept society moving (Nelson 2001). Incidentally, many of the religious faiths believe in creation. However, a scenario where man seems to have the powers to create or even modify an animal generally violates the values, ethics, and morals associated with the society. Today, most scientists are finding it much easier to interbreed and genetically manipulate the organism following the discovery of DNA. In essence, biomedical scientists can now build animals at the microscopic level (Nelson 2001). This scenario goes against Christian or even the Islamic faith as they always believe the power to create organisms is a reserve of the Supreme Being. On social grounds, vets now find it easier and even economical to treat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Genetically Modified Animals Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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