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Global Politics - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Global politics on genetically modified organisms Research Question There are a number of issues of global politics and one of them is the debate about the genetically modified organisms (GMO).This research paper seeks to explore and discuss the fundamental concepts of genetic modification on the global food products and the emerging concerns about its safety to the consumers…
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Global Politics
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Download file to see previous pages This means that the merits and demerits of this scientific concept need to be revisited for seeking the truth about its application and sustainability. As Sanderson asserts, the raging debate about the genetically modified organism across the world has been going on for the past decade and is ongoing with mixed reactions from different people (58). This has been an issue of household and global discussion and this makes it an instrumental political tool as far as policies on food safety are concerned. It a sensitive issue that touches on people’s lives directly due to consumption of the food products derived from the process (Parekh and Sarad 45). Several governments across the world have raised concern over this GMO science development through their different legislative bodies and international conferences. Parekh and Sarad agree that all these summits and consultative meetings are focused on establishing the safety of these GMO products (47). The subject of genetically modified organisms requires critical scrutiny over its safety to the consumers, relevant legal structure and scientific concepts associated with it. Introduction Genetically modified organisms refer to a scientific method of altering the genetic composition of an organism through a process known as genetic engineering. It constitutes transfer of genetic information from one organism to another to attain some predetermined desired genetic traits. This scientific concept was introduced as a step towards increasing food production to narrow the gap between supply of food and the exponential population growth across the world (Kinchy,75). Shally-Jensen argues that several nations especially the developed countries have successfully tried and tested the feasibility of GMO science and they have been campaigning for its adoption across the entire globe as a measure towards food security (69). It is also important to note that, this subject has been raising global concern over its safety on the health of people who consume such genetically modified organisms that contribute to the better proportion of food products (Shally 56-9). This discussion will therefore give insight into the conceptual aspects of the subject of genetic engineering and its immediate and long term impact on the life of consumers. Literature review Genetic engineering technology has widely been used in Australia, Egypt, South Africa, North America, some European countries, Asia, and others. In these various nations, the principle objective of this mode of food production has generally been focused towards increasing the level of food production for local consumption and partly for export majorly to the developing nations. Sanderson claims that the production of such genetically modified organic materials requires resources that entail skilled human capital, appropriate technology and sound legal system that must control and regulate this process (74). Since the inception of this technology, several diverse arguments have been advanced for and against it. It is out of such critique that the real benefits of genetically modified organisms achieve credibility and possibility of its sustainability if it should be embraced across the whole world (Lee 67). Research has also established that this concept have been working against the forces of nature and the conventional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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