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The global travel and tourism industry is amongst the world’s largest industries with annual revenues of over $500 billion which is expected to double by the year 2010 considering an impressive annual growth rate of 6% in the previous year (2007). According to the data made…
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Industry Trends and Issues Report (Tourism and Hospitality Issues )
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Download file to see previous pages This provides an excellent opportunity for the emerging nations like South Africa, to develop and project their countries as popular tourist destinations.
The Republic of South Africa, situated at the southern tip of the African continent is home to some of the most spectacular places and rich and varied spectrum of flora and fauna. The country, which is considered to be the third most bio – diverse country in the world, hosts a large variety of living wealth2. It offers most exotic travel destinations and caters to a wide range of tourists that enthralls them with its stunning coastal towns of Hermanus, Cape Town, Knysna, and Durban, and mountaineering in Hogsback as well as Drakensberg. The Cape Winelands offers world class wines while the Kruger National Park attracts tourists with its wild life safari packages. It was recognized as one of the developing world’s Ten Best Ethical Travel Destinations in 2008 Ethical Traveler Report3. The existence of a rich bio diverse environment, scenic locales and breath taking views coupled with its increasing popularity as the most favorite emerging travel destinations are indicative of a positive wave of tourism culture which can be exploited and nurtured through proper planning and implementation of measures to support such large influx of travelers in order to encourage and sustain its image as tourism destination of choice. This report is prepared by our organization, XYZ ltd (an independent private research organization), to be presented to the TBCSA – Tourism Business Council of South Africa.
With more than 10% of the country’s resources protected by conservation regulations, it has a vast expanse of unblemished land which is rich in bio – diversity, abundant wild life, a large variety of flora and fauna as well as vibrant and culturally diverse cities. This however, has been met ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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