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(Harlander, 2002) Since then, the promotion of genetically modified food has been widely accepted throughout the United States.
Global hunger is likely to occur when there is an…
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Download file to see previous pages od allergens, food intolerance, and other harmful food substances (Gaivoronskaia & Hvinden, 2006); (2) environmental preservation by using less herbicides and fertilizers that contaminates the U.S. bodies of water. (Carpenter et al., 2007; Thurman et al., 1992); (3) enables farmers to produce insect-resistant (Bt), herbicide tolerant, and virus-resistant crops. (Rao, 2008; Harlander, 2002); and (4) increase Vitamin A, C, D, and E, folate, lycopene, sulfurofane1, lutein2, omega-3 fatty acids, starch, iron, and/or the natural anti-oxidants in fruits, vegetables, and grains. (World Health Organization, 2005; Christou & Twyman, 2004; Harlander, 2002)
Despite the advantages of genetically modified foods, the use of this type of technology is subject to a lot of controversial issues when it comes to access to intellectual property rights, ethics, health safety, and proper food labeling among others. (Human Genome Project Information, 2007; World Health Organization, 2005; Myhr &
For this study, the researcher will first discuss some basic information with regards to genetic engineering in order to enable the readers to understand the subject better. Eventually, the researcher will clearly describe the problem associated with the use of genetically modified foods followed by providing some recommended solutions on how we could minimize the adverse effects of using genetically modified foods. Prior to conclusion, the researcher will make a justification in relation to the effectiveness of the recommended solution to the problem.
Genetic engineering – also known as gene technology, genetic modification, biotechnology, or transgenic – is a special technology that allows scientists to alter the genetic makeup of plants, animals, and/or bacteria. (Human Genome Project Information, 2007) As identified by the World Health Organization (2005), technology used in food modification includes: cloning, tissue culture, and market-assisted breading.
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Pro Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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