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Canthaxanthin in salmon (additive) - Research Paper Example

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The European commission placed a request to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) seeking that the body offer an opinion on the maximum residue limits of the canthaxanthin that is allowable in the foodstuffs that come from animals that have been fed with the foods that have…
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Canthaxanthin in salmon (additive)
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Extract of sample "Canthaxanthin in salmon (additive)"

Download file to see previous pages The food coloring has had a fair share of controversy. To some of the people the coloring material is not warranted since it makes the feeds assume an artificial outlook. The approval of the food has been made such that it can be both added to the foods taken by the animals as well as the rest of the foods that people take. The oral intake of the additive leads to the deposition of the chemical in the liver and the skin of the salmon and other animals that take the feeds made from the additive. However, even if the deposition of the additive takes place in the tissues mentioned above, it is practical to consider the flesh of the organisms as another potential area for the deposition of the material. The additive is a major component of the residues that are present in the target tissues of the salmon. This is a residue of concern, and the rest of the residues are not important (Ricardo-Campbell, 1974). The approach used in the testing of the residues is the focus on the Trans isomer of the component.
The scientific committee of food in the European Union made an assessment on the effects of Canthaxanthin in 1983, 1989 and 1990. The committee continued to make recommendations for the reduction of the quantities in the foods that come from animals that take the feeds that have products. The scientific committee on food concluded in 1997 that the lowest level that the additive could be allowed in animal feeds ought to result in effects lower than 0.25mg/kg bw/ day (Ruse & Castle, 2002). However, the recommendations were made with the view that the chances were not pathologically significant. The levels were also not indicative of the damage that they would have on the human retina functionality. However, the proposals were made in consideration of the safety levels that society would have to attain. The test was conducted in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Canthaxanthin in Salmon (additive) Research Paper.
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