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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - Movie Review Example

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In the essay “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” the author analyzes the film from which it is evident that there are relations between two communities of two different cultures, Britons, and the Muslims. Upon receiving an email to supply salmon fish to Yemen, Jones shuns the idea…
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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
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Extract of sample "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen"

Download file to see previous pages Worse still Afghanistan is bombed, a factor that leads to the British PM, Maxwell Patricia call for the need to strengthen the relationship between the British and Muslim worlds4. In the business world, it is possible that cultures differ. Each of the cultural worlds tends to be suspicious of the other party as they do not share the same experiences and beliefs. As seen in the film, Harriet is frustrated by Jones, the fisheries expert who has numerous misconceptions about Yemen’s ability to sustain the business5. In fact, Jones is wary that he might tarnish his business name in the event that he invests in the Yemen community and is completely against the project, to an extent that he walks out of the meeting6. In this case, it is warranted to argue that the profits that would be accrued from investing in Yemen can easily be lost due to the cultural variations between the two parties. Jones is simply uninterested by any chance getting involved with the Yemenis but Harriet insists7. Later in the film, culture is seen as yet another barrier to business success. Jones finally agrees to the business plan and a meeting with the Sheikh is set8. Upon arrival, at the Scottish Highlands, Jones reveals that he has no faith, an aspect that demoralizes Sheikh who believes that the fishing industry requires a commitment to one’s faith9. This sparks a conflict between both parties who have a conflict of interests that emanate from their cultural faith. However, the project goes on well despite the personal problems in the lives of Jones and Harriet but cultural issues continue to dwindle the success of the business10. This time, Sheikh is accused of staining the Islamic world by doing business with the West11. It gets to a point that the Sheikh is to be assassinated by some radicals, and faces opposition from the locals who do not want the pods to be operational. Sheikh attempts to explain that he opened the pod for the good of the people, but the locals are not impressed with that fact at all12. This can arguably be indicated to emanate from the variations in beliefs from the two worlds. Arguably, culture has played a major role in the assessing the various outcomes of the project. In the event that both parties would not have jeopardized their beliefs in terms of culture, it is obvious that the business would not have succeeded one mile. This is for the reason that each of the parties would be quick to judge the other and use their misconceptions in the business. It is the respect of the cultural variations that led to the success of the project in the long run, as the interests of the business were put first; thus, picking the best from each group. From the film, it is clear that Sheikh is quick to explain the spirituality and the religion that is linked to fishing, but Jones seems not care about that, but the project success13. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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