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Global Issues. Land Reclamation. What are the alternatives to expanding a nation's economy rather than land reclamation - Research Paper Example

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The land that has been reclaimed is recognized as landfill or reclamation ground. This process can be attained by numerous methods. The easiest…
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Global Issues. Land Reclamation. What are the alternatives to expanding a nation's economy rather than land reclamation
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Download file to see previous pages ts in four categories which comprise of Draining of wetlands, Building of artificial islands, Floating platforms built out above the water, and Housing built on poles over water. The draining of flooded wetlands is frequently used to reclaim land for agricultural use, port expansions or industrial use.
As the world develops, the population increases and the demand for infrastructures of business, commercial, and housing are on the rise. Countries like Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, used this method as a way of solving the land problems in their states. In the United States, all techniques of land reclamation have been applied, but the primary one is by irrigation. Under the 1902 reclamation act, the Bureau of Reclamation provides water that has been sponsored by taxpayers to agriculturalists in dry areas in seventeen western states. The aims of reclamation include flood control, recreation, and hydroelectric power generation. Moreover, Land reclamation is not the only way a nation can improve its economy. There exist numerous ways a nation can improve its economy rather than destroying the coastline. A country can decide to major in fish production to improve its revenues, or the rare species that exist in the oceans can be a tourist attraction that will improve a countrys economy through tourism, among others. The purpose of this study is to find out why land refilling is a concern and its historical and global context. Also, we are going to look at the reasons we should act on the landfilling issue as soon as possible and the possible solutions. Lastly, we will relate this issue as it is with Bahrain. The paper will seek to answer the question of alternatives to expanding a nation’s economy instead of land reclamation (Zeballos and Yamaguchi, 690).
Reclamation is not just a local issue, but also a worldwide issue. Due to this, it has an immense significance in the current days. The landfill has been shown to produce more wealth globally, through altering ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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