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Evaluation of a workplace learning environment(school) - Essay Example

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2001, 23; Reeve & Gallacher, 1999, pg. 125). In turn, this has dictated the need for increasing the competencies of schools so that they may adapt to the…
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Evaluation of a workplace learning environment(school)
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Download file to see previous pages Given this acknowledgement of the importance of workplace learning, I proceed by investigating the utility of learning theories in identifying barriers to such learning.
Workplace learning has been defined as “learning or training undertaken in the workplace, usually on the job, including on-the-job training under normal operational conditions, and onsite training, which is conducted away from the work process (e.g. in a training room” (Australian National Training Authority, online). It critical to undertake workplace learning since it accords the key competencies needed by the school to stay competitive.
How is a workplace ideal for learning envisioned? Smith & Hayton (1999, p. 252) puts forth that the school’s openness to change is a critical factor in the progress of training and development. They have also stated that there are external and moderating variables that influence training levels. The interplay among these factors is the key determinant to the kind of training which shall be prioritized by the firm (Ridoutt et al., 2002, p. 14). Moreover, it has also been presented that smaller-sized schools were more involved in informal training compared to larger ones. There are several drivers that affect and push training within any school, as follows:
Approaches: Having pointed out this distinction, it may be worthwhile for me to delve more lengthily on learning processes which may be more applicable to the work setting, including action learning, situated learning, and incidental learning.
Action learning is defined as a systematic way through which learning transpires by application of theory or by doing. It is anchored on the assumption that learning necessitates action and that this in turn needs input from learning. Learning per se is the expected result of action learning, and it does not intend to focus on the resolution of a problem (Lewis & Williams, 1994, p. 12).
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