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Learning and Development in the Workplace - Essay Example

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This essay “Learning and Development in the Workplace” will consider some flexible learning strategies that enhance the concept of workplace learning and development with short case studies. Personal planning is approached by people differently based on the differences that individuals exhibit…
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Learning and Development in the Workplace
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Download file to see previous pages Personally, I take a Personal Development Plan as an avenue through which am able to know myself better. A plan streamlines daily activities and compresses them within a specified timeframe. As such personal discipline is cultivated which enables one to easily surpass their initial targets on performance or even learning. PDP allows one to uncover their underlying strengths and weaknesses which in the past acted as major hindrances to efficiency and general performance at work (Rughani 2001). Personal development plans offer one a chance to evaluate performance in relation to the set targets. When this is done an individual employee is able to engage in corrective measures that include further training, acquiring of new skills while developing existing ones and acquisition of more knowledge and competence to perform various tasks at the workplace. A PDP outlines the timeframe within which achievements are to be made. As such one is able to know with certainty how far they have gone with the plan, how effective it has been and the timeframe left together with what remains pending (Cottrell 2003). This way an individual is able to analyze clearly the skills, knowledge, and competencies they have acquired and compare this with the set targets. One of the most important benefits of the PDP is the realization of the skills and knowledge needed to attain unachieved objectives which in turn make an employee to develop themselves towards their attainment (Clifford & Thorpe 2007).
Use of PDP is a sure way of identifying how one is learning and whether this process is bearing any fruits. It does that by offering evidence that is vital in analyzing the required knowledge and skills in ultimately achieving particular objectives. This brings in the need for goals to follow the SMART model which stipulates that goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based (Cottrell 2003). An individual following a laid out PDP needs to constantly evaluate the viability of their goals with respect to the elements of this model as a failure to do so risks eventual failure in attaining set objectives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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