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Some individual factors are innate and people have little or no control over them. In the anti oppressive approach these perceptions…
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Download file to see previous pages Thus they are faced with a responsibility of challenging the disadvantage and the inequality. The oppressive and discriminatory practices faced by the guidance practitioners are in the main social divisions of the race, class, gender, age and also sexual discrimination. (Ali and Graham 1996)
In the guidance and counselling practice the practitioners face some barriers and challenges because of an individual’s mental or physical ability. People with various disabilities need some special care and also facilities so that they can be able to work effectively and produce the needed results. In the anti oppressive approach the special provisions for the people with disabilities are put into consideration. This would allow these people to work side by side with the other people who do not have any form of disabilities. (The Disability Rights Commission)
The guidance and counselling practitioners discriminate their service receivers on the basis of their physical or even mental disabilities. In the organizations there should be more diverse avenues which should be encouraged so that to encompass all the people including those who have any form of disabilities. On the other hand the society and the practitioners in the guidance and counselling practice are supposed to challenge the way the wants of those who are dominant in the society influence the chances of those with different abilities. (Argyle 1983)
In the field of guidance and counselling people who posses various forms of abilities or those with disabilities suffer multiple challenges to the achievement of their human rights. Disability makes it even less likely that the practitioners treat their clients fairly especially those who are not economically independent. The disabled individuals in both the practicing organizations and the society at large are more at risk from abuse and exploitation. For instance in many parts of the world the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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