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Introduction: This essay is an analysis of the research article by Paula Black and Ursula Sharma (2001), titled “Men are real, women are made up: Beauty therapy and the construction of femininity”from the journal The Sociological Review, 49 (1): 100-116.
The authors study…
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Download file to see previous pages The beauty industry as the larger whole includes many other components such as fashion, weight reduction, cosmetics, etc. In the same way, beauty which is a culturally constructed ideal, is a part of the wider concept of femininity. The understanding of femininity is similarly culturally oriented, and it relates to the practices, identities, and representations of what is means to be a ‘woman’ in any society or culture.
1. In this research, it has been the aim of the authors to investigate the work that is done in beauty salons. The salon has been selected as the best place in which the attainment of femininity, its definition and successful achievement are key factors. In the beauty salon, the secret routines of femininity are commodified and exemplified. These feminised spaces have been overlooked in the development of social theorising. The authors try to cover this deficiency in social research.
2. The authors try to investigate the commodified nature of bodily maintenance. Their wide-ranging aims include: the extension of the leisure industry into this bodily arena; the relationships and micro-activities of the everyday world of the salon; the professional claims, rhetoric, and investment of the trade’s emotional labour on the part of the beauty therapist.
3. The main objective of this article is to investigate the relationship between feminism, beauty and femininity. Examination of claims to professional status within the beauty industry, investigating beauty therapy as work, rather than as a cultural institution. The beauty industry slowly revealed itself as a multi-faceted phenomenon, which could be investigated in several ways.
1. Femininity is an ambiguous concept. Class, age and ethnicity alter the way femininity is defined and experienced. There is no single way in which femininity can be taken into consideration. There do exist generalized beliefs about the culturally acceptable forms ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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