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Discuss FEMINISM IDEOLOGY and relate it to social work practice and values - Essay Example

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Within this body of work the literature will show that through the decades historians have defined the nature of feminism in a…
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Discuss FEMINISM IDEOLOGY and relate it to social work practice and values
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Extract of sample "Discuss FEMINISM IDEOLOGY and relate it to social work practice and values"

Download file to see previous pages The form of feminine liberalism is more a fusion of individual rights and active government; it consists of two main parts. Firstly, the social-welfare component prescribes significant social and economic functions to alleviate the effects of capitalism. The philosophys second major component reaffirms classical liberalisms central values. This work goes into greater detail about the different feminine ideologies within the main body of the work. It also goes on to orchestrate how the variations in liberalist attitudes and perceptions have an impact on the type of social work and services that are offered and rendered to people in society. The conclusion of the work illustrates that in a democratic society, social feminine liberalism can, in a sense, add stability while sustaining individual liberty. Likewise, in the areas of individual rights, freedoms and economic equality, the feminine ideologies are vindicated in their quest for reinterpretation. Through welfare, some liberty will be sacrificed, but in this way, equality imposed in the right amount can strike a satisfying balance in social work and in the social life of all people.
It is first very important to understand the fundamental distinction between the two different kinds of liberty and consequently the origins of such that exist within feminine ideology. This is because an assortment of the feminine ideologies, such as liberalism, delves into the more political aspects that affect people in a social atmosphere. These political elements also affect the type of services that people get from social services as well. Throughout history, these political entities have been addressed, dating as far back as the 16th century. In 1690 John Locke wrote the essay, ‘Two Treatises of Government’, where he redefined the relationship between government and the people, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Discuss FEMINISM IDEOLOGY and Relate It to Social Work Practice and Essay)
Discuss FEMINISM IDEOLOGY and Relate It to Social Work Practice and Essay.
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