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Compare and contrast the evaluation of liberal democracy in any TWO of the following approaches to Politics: Conservatism, Marxi - Essay Example

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Date: Conservatism, Feminism and Liberal Democracy Introduction Liberal democracy is a political ideology that represents the competitive, free and fair form of elections’ procedure in a democracy. Liberal democracy allows all adult citizens to participate in an election and voting exercise, irrespective of gender, race and property ownership…
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Compare and contrast the evaluation of liberal democracy in any TWO of the following approaches to Politics: Conservatism, Marxi
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"Compare and contrast the evaluation of liberal democracy in any TWO of the following approaches to Politics: Conservatism, Marxi"

Download file to see previous pages Countries such as Spain, U.K, Canada and Japan take the form of a constitutional monarchy, whereas India, U.S, Brazil and Germany take the form of a federal republic. According to Michael Freeden (1998: 14), an ideology is a network or cluster of concepts that people device and use so to shape and guide their understanding of the political world. Freeden explains that these ideologies are neither universal nor abstract, nor are they a true reflection of reality. These concepts are medieval products of human thought that have both and enabling and constraining function on human behavior. Freeden clarifies that political concepts are the vehicles of political thought (Freeden, 1998: 131). Michael Freeden classifies these concepts into different classifications, which he calls, “the morphology of ideologies”. These are Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism, Feminism, Fascism, Nationalism, Anarchism etc. This essay seeks to evaluate the application of liberal democracy in both Conservatism and Feminism; identifying the challenges faced by the practice of liberal democracy in both political approaches, and finally recommending the most convincing application of liberal democracy from this evaluation. ...
The main themes of conservatism are tradition, organic society, human imperfection, authority and property. Conservatives define tradition as the accumulated wisdom over the years, practices and institutions that have been tested by time. They believe that these traditions should be preserved and passed on from one generation to another. Conservatives have a pessimistic view on human nature. They believe that human beings are dependent, insecure, limited and development seeking; second, they are selfish, greedy, corrupt, and thirsty for power; third, humans cannot cope with the complexity of the world. The belief that society is an organic whole evoked these values and institutions that are aimed at preserving the fragile nature of society. Conservatives believe in authority as the basis of social togetherness, arguing that authority gives people a sense of belonging, whom they are and what is required of them in a hierarchical social institution. Conservatives attach much value to property since according to them; it provides security and a sense of anarchy. However, conservatism encourages respect of the law and other people’s property. Conservatism is divided into various divisions of similar but slightly varied schools of thought. Authoritarian conservatism is bluntly reactionary and autocratic; it stresses that government ‘from above’ is the best form of government if the order is to be established, and thus -differs from Edmund Burke’s (1729-1797) Anglo- American conservatism which is more pragmatic and modest. According to Benjamin Disraeli (1804-81), Paternalistic conservatism, on the other hand, is more prudent and principled arguing that, the wealthy have a duty to look after the welfare of the poor, and thus the statement, ‘reform ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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