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Tivo Case Study - Essay Example

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It empowers the customer an equipment that has the capacity to provide freedom to TV viewing. They are making a black box, which works, as interface between broadcast feed and TV. It provides…
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Tivo Case Study
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Extract of sample "Tivo Case Study"

Download file to see previous pages They are providing personalized services to their customers who buy the black boxes by providing them Electronic programme guide (EPG) with menu option to watch TV live option having pause, replay and fast forward options without subscription fee and with subscription fee provide access to all previously recorded programming, preview of shows schedule for recording, video magazine produced by Tivo and network of showcases of best shows. It provides customers personalized TV viewing. Though the company is getting good feedback from customers but the sales is not picking up. Presently company is not facing competition from any quarter even then sales are dropping down.
Strength: The company have certain inherent strengths such as Tivo is enjoying almost monopoly in the market. It’s nearest competitors like Replay TV has no advantage of product or price or services and Microsoft has not launched the product yet. The company has 42,000 subscribers and increasing 14,000/quarter. So the company have formidable customer base. Report of customers about service and performance of the product is good enough. The company enjoys technically sound product at present and no other competitors have better product right now. The company enjoys the most reliable and effective partners who are well known to everyone and it approves the quality of the product. Company have proper and wide network for marketing its product through electronic stores, online buying. The most important strength of the company is that it provides ability to its customers to decide what to see and when. It almost provides its subscribers to preferential and personalized viewing.
Weakness: Tivo is also facing some weaknesses and due to these it cannot be able to improve its position. Though having good feedback company is not growing to its expected level due to lack of awareness of the product to its potential customers. The product seems to be technically ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tivo Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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