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Dear Friends, today the world is moving in a fast and different track, where there has become rigid place to carry and share the emotions of each other. Consoling, is considered only for those who lives up to their wealth. Sense of belief and care has also come under the stiff…
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I need a topic
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Download file to see previous pages Exposure to women is still not accepted by certain families, in spite of the fact that women’s liberation is growing considerably in almost all parts of the world. Violence to women is another factor meddling with the improvement of women.
When we talk of violence, it might be in the form sexual harassment, discrimination in the living circle and working place, restrictions imposed either by the family members, lack of safety in places where people are moderate in numbers etc. This has probably leaded to the growth of Battered Women’s Shelter and Victim Support Groups. Many women struggle to find a definite solution to loose holds with these problems, these Shelter Houses and Victim Support Groups are helping in such a way that they bring them up to face the society with a supporting hand with lots of courage and ambition. This would pave way for many victim women to think that they too have ample chances to prove themselves in the society.
To be precise the Shelter Homes and the Victim Support Groups, in which some are aided by the Social Services, provide permanent housing and deals with curing their issues. It gives them a whole some support. Through this a women is first get rid of her domestic violence and gets best suggestions to tackle her subject.
Let me narrate an unforgettable event that happened in my life and how did I came out of that problematic event. If had to tell the exact time in what that event took place, I think I need to include the initial incidents which paved the way for the later chronologically. I got married at the age of twenty, in 1997, I though It would be one of the happiest days in my life, my fantasies over my married life became like a mirage, it gave me the expectation that, I will have a sweet life with my husband, but like what we get at the sight of a mirage , nothing but illusion of water, similarly my married life went in the unexpected way.
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I Need a Topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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