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Edgar Allan Poe - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Class 26 November 2013 Poe’s Real-life Experiences and Issues in His Dark, Pessimistic Literary Works Edgar Allan Poe is known as the writer who invented horror and detective literary genres. His stories have real-life substance for they are as dark, mysterious, and remarkable as his real life…
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Edgar Allan Poe

Download file to see previous pages... From here, Edgar suffered other traumatic experiences that must have shaped both his personality and writing content and style. Edgar Allan Poe used his literary works to cope with real-life problems and vent out frustrations, where his traumatic childhood and adult life experiences and substance abuse also manifest in the darkness and negativity of his literary works. Edgar Allan Poe abused several substances in his life, which reflected in his works. Poe has used opium since his youth. His nurse used opium and laudanum to calm him down during his childhood (Iszaj and Demetrovics 1615). This drug-based treatment suggests that like Poe’s sister, Rosalie, who had a mental illness, Poe might be suffering from an emotional or mental illness too. This could not have been surprising, for the paper, since he endured the loss of many loved ones, all direct family members, at such a young age. Poe’s substance abuse reflected in his writings too. Some of his characters are also substance abusers who experienced depression and hallucinations. For instance, in one of his stories, “Ligeia,” the narrator loved Ligeia, his first wife, so passionately that when she died from sickness, he became addicted to opium. It is an example of how Poe’s own addictions shaped his stories and their characters, as if doing so helped him release the tensions of his life. In addition, because of drug use, Poe suffered from hallucinations, and so did some of his story characters (Iszaj and Demetrovics 1616). The narrator of “Ligeia,” for instance, had hallucinations from opium use, such as when the furnishings of his house take surreal forms and colors: Wild visions, opium-engendered, flitted, shadow-like, before me. I gazed with unquiet eye upon the sarcophagi in the angles of the room, upon the varying figures of the drapery, and upon the writhing of the parti-colored fires in the censer overhead” (Poe). These hallucinations do not only distort the physical environment, but for the paper, it represents the mental and emotional tortures that the character experiences. The narrator notes his misery after losing his wife: “She died; --and I, crushed into the very dust with sorrow, could no longer endure the lonely desolation of my dwelling in the dim and decaying city by the Rhine” (Poe “Ligeia”). Poe expresses the narrator’s mental anguish, that, substance abuse reinforces, through depicting the darkness that his characters feel inside them. The paper thinks that the same darkness is inside Poe, which substance abuse somewhat relives temporarily, but worsens in the long run through increasing depression. To continue with these substance abuse problems, Poe, like his father, abused alcohol at some points in his life. Alcohol abuse may be a way of dealing with life problems, such as being heartbroken and dealing with a potentially untreated mental illness (Iszaj and Demetrovics 1616). Illness, substance abuse, and death are mainstays in Poe’s stories, such as “The Black Cat” (on alcoholism and murder), “Ligeia” (opium addiction after death of wife), and “The Tell-Tale Heart” (on mental illness and murder). In “The Black Cat,” the narrator admits his alcoholism and how it changes his temper and moods, making him more verbally and physically abusive towards his pets and wife: But my disease grew upon me - for what disease is like Alcohol! - and at length even Pluto, who was now becoming old, and consequently somewhat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Edgar Allan Poe
He was schooled at Chelsea and subsequently moved to university of Virginia in order to get expertise in Latin and poetry. During those days, he used to compose some tales and short stories. Despite the adoption, he couldn’t get adequate financial support from his foster father; and that forced Poe to cease his studies.
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Edgar Allan Poe
Poe’s mysterious style of writing received a lot of criticism over the years and Harold Bloom compared his poetry with Wordsworth in the following manner. Wordsworth and Poe are thus telling symmetrically inverse stories about the nature of poetic language.
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Edgar Allan Poe
The techniques of Edgar Allan Poe have had strong long lasting influence. His style is believed to have been used in later literary forms such as detective literature and science fiction and even during his own time was praised even though he tended to be more popular in Europe than in the United States.
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The Life of Edgar Allan Poe
The nineteenth century had more than its fair share of poets and novelists such as Emily Dickinson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and D.H. Lawrence. Among them was a man named Edgar Allan Poe, one of the most celebrated writers of his own time as well as today. Both of Edgar's parents were actors.
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Edgar Allan Poe College Essay
Poe has been a master in using the right tools and elements of writing a mystery story including a series of clues, series of false clues, atmosphere, something to be solved etc. Thus, "both "The Spectacles", and "The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether" share much of the form of mystery tales, with surprise solutions hinted at through clues in the stories, and many scenes and incidents having two meanings, one surface, one hidden and revealed at the end, even though neither has a detective or an explicit puzzle to solve." (Edgar Allan Poe: The Mysteries) Throughout his mystery stories, Poe developed the tools of writing a mystery story and perfected them for the following writers to use
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Edgar Allan Poe
It is hard to overestimate the influence the Poe’s writings produced on the literature process all over the world. He determined the style and structure of detective stories, influenced the theory of poetry and inspired mystical literature of his contemporaries and the descendants as well.
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Edgar Allan Poe Essay
The innate flaws of the character and the metonymic way in which Poe melds the characters with traits demonstrate the use of narrative voice and language to establish a relationship between narrator and reader. This is done in vastly different ways in both the Poe stories.
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Edgar Allan Poe
n Boston, Massachusetts, in 1809 to parents who were actors by profession (Liukkonen P ,2008).The skill he had as a writer was corroborated at the age of five itself. One of his teachers in Richmond, where he was brought up was stated to say that while the other boys wrote mere
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Edgar allan poe
Unfortunately, death and the losses of loved ones would quickly become concepts that Poe would become familiar with. When Poe first began writing poems and short stories, they were light and cheerful, based on love he felt for some of the girls he was involved in.
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The Museum of Edgar Allan Poe
Poetry is a big business surrounded by hatred among poets, deceit and competing interest just like rap music at the time of Tupac and Biggie Smallz and Poe was
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