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Current Issues ( Pls assign Ozzie No:2452) - Essay Example

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While the transfer of technical know-how and scientific knowledge is beneficial for both the donor and the recipient, there are strong barriers…
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Current Issues ( Pls assign Ozzie No:2452)
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Download file to see previous pages The transfer of technology from one country to another is one of the very important ways in which developing or less developed nations can learn from developed countries of the world (BEA, 1999). Developing nations like China, Brazil, India and Russia are all heavily involved in the technology transfer process which is not limited to real technology but also extends to managerial processes and enterprise management techniques which can be transferred along with the technology involved (Niosi & Rivard, 1990).
In a perfect world, companies and governments of these nations can collaborate with organizations and governments of countries like America, France, Germany, the UK and other advanced states through formal agreements. The agreements outline how much technology in what timeframe would be transferred from one country to another. Theoretically, it would allow the developing country to improve its systems and infrastructure and let them catch up with the developed nations much faster than what it would take them in a normalised development schedule (BEA, 1999).
However, in the real world, the transfer of technology comes with several implications, barriers and problems that are faced by both partners involved in the transfer. From some of the studies conducted on the topic, it seems that the companies in developing countries are rather quick and efficient about gathering the knowledge given to them (Marcotte & Niosi, 2000). Others seem to suggest that the transfer of technology is not an easy task and the results are often more negative than they are positive (Freeman & Hagedoorn, 1994).
As the cases of countries like Brazil, India and China have already been mentioned, it would be best to take one of the countries as a key example of technology transfer and to examine what barriers and mishaps have taken place in technology transfer as well as how successes in the field have been shaped over time. The case of China is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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