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The Managerial Venture and Successful Marketplace - Case Study Example

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The work analyzes the major steps and critical success factors that have to be properly managed by the managerial venture in order to develop and successfully place itself in the marketplace. Due to this the company’s ability to cope with several major issues is becoming of pivotal importance…
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The Managerial Venture and Successful Marketplace
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Download file to see previous pages Final considerations are related to the company’s capacity to assess a best practice to cope with the ethical standard, with an eye on the success stories within major knowledge-intensive industries, together with a primary analysis of the macroeconomic conditions in an industrial perspective as well.
This work is based on considerations and evaluations for a business emerging in the United States, that aims at developing a comprehensive software in order for a small enterprise to enter the gambling market on an accurate and feasible way.
A family run- small business is, therefore, analyzing on a strategic, financial and regulatory perspective the major elements and factors that may impede the business growth, together with a comprehensive evaluation of the intrinsic characteristics of the business that is being designed in this sense.
Major focus will then be dedicated to the business capacity to meet all the existing regulations and recommendations that govern the industry in which the software is expected to operate, while on the other side major elements that may impair the software spread will be also related to the managerial ability to cope with internal regulations and with Ethic practices.
A comprehensive and integral evaluation of this case will, therefore, cover the business impact of stakeholders, the international code of ethics characteristics, the ethical framework together with a final individual opinion in this sense.
The development of this business requires a preliminary accurate and extensive understanding of all the possible stakeholders that are considered for the analysis of a business and ethical perspective:
A major preliminary stakeholder is a government. The capacity to cope with all the ongoing regulations and laws governing the gambling business is in this sense a proof of its importance in this field. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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