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Cuban Missile Crisis: Analysis and Relevance of Krushchev's Messages to Kennedy and the Outcome - Essay Example

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This work let you know how Nikita Krushchev’s private letters to American President John F. Kennedy had significant influence in mellowing Washington’s aggressive posture and how subsequent events unfolded during the days of the ‘crisis’…
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Cuban Missile Crisis: Analysis and Relevance of Krushchevs Messages to Kennedy and the Outcome
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Extract of sample "Cuban Missile Crisis: Analysis and Relevance of Krushchev's Messages to Kennedy and the Outcome"

Download file to see previous pages Krushchev’s letters to President Kennedy strongly suggested that the Soviet Union’s primary interest was the defense of Cuba and not hostility towards the United States. It certainly presented Krushchev’s earnestness of purpose and to that degree struck a rapport with his counterpart. In the first letter Krushchev talks of the International laws of the oceans and Russia’s integrity in abiding by these laws. It is an argument for the Soviet Union’s rightful navigation of international waters and its intention of helping Cuba, a fellow communist client state.The second letter from Krushchev to Kennedy was less emotive and more diplomatic in nature. It proposed a deal that the Soviet Union would withdraw its installations in Cuba, if the United States would do likewise in Turkey. Thus, it could be said that Krushchev’s personal communications with Kennedy during those turbulent days inspired confidence in Washington that they are dealing with a reliable head of state.
The Cuban crisis’ historical implications are quite profound. The arms race burdened both superpowers and contributed to the eventual implosion of the Soviet empire. Other nations reached for the diplomatic prowess that nuclear weapons seemed to confer. And the Ex-Commers wrongly assumed that they could again use escalating military pressure to pursue a negotiated deal--in Vietnam. The Vietnam war proved to be a protracted and unmanageable event. It could be argued that this was because Krushchev was a more reliable and predictable rival than Ho-Chi-Minh. The evidence for the same could be found in those two vital notes of communication between Moscow and Washington. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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