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Dissertation: Life after privatisation; A British Energy perspective - Essay Example

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This assumption is supported by the fact that the profits related with this area are really impressive. An indicative part of the industry, the electrical…
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Dissertation: Life after privatisation; A British Energy perspective
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Extract of sample "Dissertation: Life after privatisation; A British Energy perspective"

Download file to see previous pages This paper examines the privatization of British Energy, the major British Energy Supplier as of its reasons, its aspects and its effects to the supply chain. More specifically, the issue under consideration is whether the changes caused to the British Energy’s supply chain after its privatization led to a positive or a negative result for the whole corporate entity. Moreover, the interaction with the particular parties of the supply chain is being examined to the level that this relationship has been affected from the company’s ‘disposal’ to the private sector. The control of the public authorities (even after the privatisation) is also evaluated and critically analyzed. It should also be noticed that a detailed reference to the supply chain management was considered as necessary in order for the corporate strategy to be examined under a more objective scope. It seems that although the privatisation in the energy sector has become an unavoidable decision from the side of the governmental bodies around the world (Cohen, 2001, 57) the issues that have to be examined before the application of such a strategy are numerous and crucial for the performance of the national economies. It’s for this reason that every relevant decision should be taken under thorough consideration of all the aspects involved.
British Energy Group plc is the UK’s major energy provider [1] and the ‘largest generator of electricity in UK; with a dedicated workforce of over 5,400 skilled professionals, the company produce around one-fifth of the nation’s electricity’. This electricity is ‘sold in a variety of ways, including through the Company’s direct supply business, British Energy Direct; this direct supply business deals with industrial and commercial clients throughout the UK; the company also sells to the wholesale power market and act as a supplier to a  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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