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Client Architect Architecture - Essay Example

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In our days, the relations that are created in the professional areas and mostly those between the professionals and the clients are a basic element for the positive performance of the business involved. The level of importance of this factor is such that in many cases there have been proposed specific strategic plans in order to achieve the highest possible level of client satisfaction…
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Client Architect Architecture
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Extract of sample "Client Architect Architecture"

Download file to see previous pages According to Duffy and Hutton, a very important issue regarding the identification of the architect’s relation with his client is the definition of the knowledge which the former has to obtain in order to proceed to a successful co-operation with the latter. This knowledge, however, has to be analyzed and distinguished from the other ones of its kind as it refers to different area of interest. More specifically Duffy and Hutton state that: ‘Knowledge is our only real source of power, our only real lever to achieve change’. It is also noticed that ‘architectural knowledge is quite different from other forms of knowledge’. They also examine possible ways of ‘development, application and transmittal of this special kind of knowledge’ and they admit that ‘the possession of this knowledge gives architects both an intellectual duty and a practical imperative’(Duffy, Hutton, 1998, 152)
The relation between the architect and the client as been created and formulated on the basis of an existed commercial activity (the creation and delivery of a building-related project) can be characterized as an action of public relations from the architect’s side and moreover as a chance for developing a marketing strategy with the aspect of cultivating the existed order and prepare the field for more areas of co-operation with the specific client (i.e. a kind of ‘reservation’ of the client regarding his current or future needs for architectural work). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Client Architect Architecture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 Words.
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