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School Uniforms - Essay Example

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The discussion whether uniforms must be made mandatory in schools or not is now going on for years. Either side of the arguments has many supporters as well as criticizers. Both the sides have its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore making a right choice among these two alternatives is a difficult task.
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School Uniforms
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Extract of sample "School Uniforms"

Download file to see previous pages If uniforms are not made mandatory, rich students would look down to the poorer students as it gives a chance to them to show-off their wealth. Therefore introduction of uniforms will help to deal with this problem. Therefore there will be no economic differences among the students in the schools.
Uniforms will also decrease the violence among students in the students. When students wear the same type of dress the probability of group formation or gang behaviour would be minimum. Uniforms would make schools a safer place for students especially the underprivileged one.
Schools uniforms can save much of the time of students because they don't have to waste time in choosing which clothes to wear. Choosing of clothes seems to be a small thing but this really is a big task and consumes actually a hell lot of time. Not only this, we should also consider the time which they spend in malls in order to find the perfect dress. And if the school goers are able to save this time they can concentrate on more important thing like completing their homework or having breakfast.
Having uniforms in school would stop the discrimination and teasing on clothing but there are many things to discriminate or tease rather than only clothing like personality, race, colour to name a few. Richer students can tease or look down on the poorer students by having a costly watch or an expensive bag. ...
Richer students can tease or look down on the poorer students by having a costly watch or an expensive bag. And therefore uniforms cannot prevent the discrimination or the economic differences. It is only the education which the students get from their parents and teachers which will help them to avoid discrimination on the basis of sex, creed, religion, race or colour.
Many feel that making uniforms mandatory would end symbols of being in a gang. But they should understand that there are many ways through which students can show that they belong to a particular gang like rolling up your sleeves or having a band on the hands. Therefore uniforms cannot to a large extent avoid gang behaviour.
If uniforms are not made compulsory students can begin to develop their own personal style and they can be more mature. Students will be given the opportunity to decide what they have to wear and therefore this will inculcate the habit of decision-making among the students.
Making uniforms compulsory actually violates a student's right of self-expression. The personality of a person (to some extent) is reflected by the clothes he wears so if the students are allowed to choose the clothes which they have to wear they will have an opportunity to express themselves.
Though there are umpteen numbers of arguments both in favour of as well as against making school uniforms mandatory but I personally feel that making school uniforms compulsory would be more effective and efficient in promoting uniformity and equality, in avoiding violence and gang behaviour, in avoiding discrimination on the basis of sex, creed, religion, colour etc and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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