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Pivot Tables - Assignment Example

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Pivot tables are used for data processing spreadsheet programs. They are used to summarize large pools of data to make them more useful. Pivot tables provide important functions such as sorting, counting, totaling and to calculate the descriptive statistics measures such as median and mode calculation…
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Pivot Tables
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Extract of sample "Pivot Tables"

WHEN ARE PIVOT TABLES USEFUL: Pivot tables are used for data processing spreadsheet programs. They are used to summarize large pools of data to make them more useful. Pivot tables provide important functions such as sorting, counting, totaling and to calculate the descriptive statistics measures such as median and mode calculation. Pivot tables are especially useful in creating cross tabs. Cross tabs allow the users to create contingent tables which are very useful form of summarized data. Pivot tables are also useful when you are summarizing data from an external or outside source. Excel also allows you to generate charts from the data in your pivot table which can be very handy in comparisons.
Similarly, Pivot Tables are interactive means of summarizing the data, allowing you to add or delete fields in the contingent (summary) tables. This is especially useful when a sample has to be chosen from a specific characteristic of the population which endows various other characteristic as well that are irrelevant. Pivot Tables are also dynamic which can automatically recalculate the data based on addition or elimination of new fields. This feature is really helpful in saving time and effort of the data collector. Pivot tables are also easy to change if the data from original source is changed. As a result, these tables are really important when the changes in data are quick and frequent. These tables can help you to keep your records updated at all times and can be used when the original data keeps on changing.
Multiple worksheets are really handy in grouping and summarizing data. A collection of two or more worksheets is called group worksheet. In order to group two or more work sheets, you need to first click the tab of first worksheet, then you press and hold shift key and click the tab of the other worksheet that you want to group. This is how adjacent worksheets are grouped, and in order to group non-adjacent sheets, you need to click the tab of first sheet, and then press and hold the "CTRL key" and click on the sheets that you want to group.
The advantages of grouping worksheets are many, but probably the biggest advantage is that you can type the same text on all worksheet at the same time. This is really handy when the headings in the worksheets are identical as it save both time and effort. Similarly, you can also format the worksheets at the same time allowing you to use uniform formatting in all the sheets. Read More
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Pivot Tables Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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