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Effect of Gradient on the Abundance of Ranunculus Repens - Coursework Example

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Name Tutor Course College Date Rationale According to the statistical reports collected by Health and Safety Executives “The musculoskeletal disorders were the most commonly reported illness types in 2009/2010”1. Bellow figure shows that the illness has the highest prevalence among workers…
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Effect of Gradient on the Abundance of Ranunculus Repens
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"Effect of Gradient on the Abundance of Ranunculus Repens"

Download file to see previous pages First action to betaken is to identify the cause of the disease. This made me to study on the causes of the disease and what I found was that is caused by a plant called Ranunculus repens. This concerned me and I had to do a project on this plant. This is because Ranunculus repens have both the negative and positive effects on the environment. One of the reasons that I chose to do a project on Ranunculus repens is because of its unique property that can be used to treat musculoskeletal disorders. According to PFAF, chewing leaves of this plant will help in healing muscular pain. Therefore, my research can help us to understand the optimum conditions required for Ranunculus repens to grow so that higher yields of the plant can be obtained for its medicinal usage. The other reason for choosing Ranunculus repens as a project is that it is thought to be poisonous for humans and animals if eaten fresh and I think this is something that we as humans should be aware of especially agriculturalists. According to Garden Organic Ranunculus repens “can cause diarrhea in sheep and cattle. Ranunculus repens depletes potassium in soil making it inadequate for other plants. Therefore this particular plant is not suitable for grazing, especially cattle. My project can provide useful material for farmers about the plant e.g. where they mostly occur. Based on my project Farmers may decide not to graze their animals on a place where Ranunculus repens are most common in order to obtain higher meat yields. The farmers may also decide to manage their grassland to minimize the growth of Ranunculus repens to avoid its noxious effect. An alternative reason for choosing this plant involves its unique and attractive colour and structure. “It is essential to preserve our remaining natural heritage for future generations. Wildlife and geological features are under pressure from development, pollution, climate change and unsustainable land management. Therefore it is useful to study the important biological properties of the plants in order to maintain them e.g. by knowing their niche will help us to provide the best conditions possible for Ranunculus repens to survive and develop. Scientific background Ranunculus repens has many features that makes that makes it survive in its habitats. It grows well in wet environments as compared to its growth in dry conditions. Ranunculus repens competes for light, moisture and nutrients with other plants. This pressure has made it to have some adaptations to this environment. They are submerged in water making them lose diffusion pathways of getting oxygen between their roots and the atmosphere. This made roots to have elongated shoots that help them get oxygen from the atmosphere. Both leaves and the shoots come grow outward to the water surfaces to help the plant get oxygen from the air. Bodies of Ranunculus repens are submerged in water. They strive to get oxygen, light and nutrients from the environment. They get light through their leaves that are growing to the water surfaces. This helps them to absorb light from the atmosphere and make their food through photosynthesis. The leaves also help them get oxygen from the environment. All these features have made wet conditions suitable for their survival. Hypothesis of this research is to identify the effects of land gradient on the growth of Ranunculus repens. Null Hypothesis - There will be no difference in the abundance of Ranunculus rep ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(“Effect of Gradient on the Abundance of Ranunculus Repens Coursework”, n.d.)
Effect of Gradient on the Abundance of Ranunculus Repens Coursework. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/biology/1445552-the-effect-of-gradient-on-the-abundance-of
(Effect of Gradient on the Abundance of Ranunculus Repens Coursework)
Effect of Gradient on the Abundance of Ranunculus Repens Coursework. https://studentshare.org/biology/1445552-the-effect-of-gradient-on-the-abundance-of.
“Effect of Gradient on the Abundance of Ranunculus Repens Coursework”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/biology/1445552-the-effect-of-gradient-on-the-abundance-of.
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