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MRI Gradient Coils - Essay Example

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The paper generally aims to explain the degree of performance and participation of gradients in relation to achievement of high-image quality of body parts covered by the MRI. According to the author, the advantage of MRI technology is that it is a non-ionizing and non-invasive imaging technology. …
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MRI Gradient Coils
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"MRI Gradient Coils"

Download file to see previous pages researcher defined the gradients in line 10 of the last page. It could have been better if it was placed in the Introduction rather than in the last page since definitions were intended to introduce the reader to the significant terms used in the writing.
The researcher wrote in the second paragraph of the abstract, “Human research magnets of 7T and 8T are operation in several site worldwide.” However, it is quite disturbing why these types of magnets were mentioned in the abstract but nothing in the research paper discussed these things. Said sentence therefore appears to be irrelevant. Thus, the researcher must either discuss these types of magnets in the body of the paper or better yet, totally delete the above-quoted sentence.
In addition, the author mentioned in the introduction that he/she will elaborate on the different gradient types and designs thereof. However, perusal of the body of the research paper would show that only the three (3) main ingredients, to wit, z, y and x, were discussed as part of the MR system.
In the last paragraph of the summary, the author stated, “the distinct advantages over normal radiographs and CT examinations, is that it does without the delivery of ionizing radiation to the patient”. I respect the author’s view; however, I cannot agree on this as MRI gives precise contrast differences between soft tissues that significantly help in diagnosing abnormalities than other normal radiographs and CT examinations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...and triceps are responsible for extension. Carrying angle, which is 170 degrees in male and 167 degrees in female, is the normal angle between the long axis of extended arm and forearm (Chaurasia 2004). Answer no.2. 1- First Position: The common position for obtaining the MRI of the elbow is with the patient lying supine position. The elbow is placed by the side of the patient. Arm is kept in prone position with the palm resting on the thigh. (Reiser et al 2000). If the range of movement at elbow and shoulder joint is not compromised, the MRI can be obtained in the body coil position with the patients arm elevated above the head level. 2- Second Position: Another position to obtain the...
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