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Drug Use at Workplace - Essay Example

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The problem outlined in the article is that the DEA regulations enacted in 1996 by President Clinton were not really comprehensive. The reason why they were not comprehensive is because the use of methamphetamine in prescription medications and its other forms were not really explored…
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Drug Use at Workplace
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Extract of sample "Drug Use at Workplace"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, the "meth" epidemic really was not properly categorized at all. Actually, the issue is the use of stimulants, not so much crystal meth.
Meth use takes a terrible toll on the mind and body of the user. The devastating physical effects of using this extremely addicting drug range from mildly debilitating to severely incapacitating and potentially lethal. Common side effects for using meth include facial disfigurement, rotting teeth (meth mouth), anorexia, body tremors, convulsions, high blood pressure, and seizures.
But it is the destructive psychological and neurological effects on the addict that make meth an issue for the entire workplace. Even short-term meth use can cause severe mood swings, depression, paranoia, and emotional instability in the user, increasing the potential for violence in the workplace.
Americans are working harder and longer, and now some people are turning to drugs for a quick boost--with dire consequences. Drugs in the workplace may not be a new phenomenon, but there's a new poison taking precedence: Workplace methamphetamine abuse rose 68 percent in 2003. Meth use and stimulus amphetamine injestion can cause serious damage to employees and the overall work environment. While high on meth, employees may think they're in control, but it's a false sense of security. Employees are not completely aware of their environment and are apt to have more on-the-job accidents. Signs of meth addiction include dizziness, irritability, sudden weight loss, inability to get along with co-workers or supervisors, and a possible tendency toward violence.
b) What are the tangible benefits of resolving the problem
Sadly, the article does not speak to solving the problem. Rather it readily admits that researchers haven't a clue as to how to treat meth addiction. My own independent research indicates the rampant effects of methamphetamine addiction at work. Clearly there are no tangible benefits to the employer. Tragically, it appears that the main benefit is to protect the workplace from the addict.
4) Describe and evaluate any solutions provided in the article.
The article did not offer any solutions at all. It readily admits that there is a paucity of information available on how to treat this latest epidemic in the world of drug ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Drug Use at Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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