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Nowadays it is a common sight to watch people drinking, smoking or doing any other drug related activity during the working hours in their workplaces. This usually takes places due to many reasons which include stress and hereditary related problems (Robert, Cohen, Brown 1984)…
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Drug-Free Workplace
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Download file to see previous pages The employers make it a habit to employ workers who do not have a smoking or drinking habit. But as this scheme is being introduced after a lot of time it cannot eradicate the problem of drugs from the workplaces. Similarly like every workplace I have been working in a place which in the recent years has been trying to curb this issue seriously and eradicate this problem from their premises. And in this regard they have introduced new policies to create a drug free environment in the workplace.
The company in which I work is related to petroleum and services. Three years back there was a trend of smoking, drinking and other drug related activities in our workplace. But today our workplace shows a better environment with a significant amount of decrease in the ratio of people who are related to drug related activities. The company has identified strategies to create a drug-free environment in the workplace. The company now has a strict policy to create a drug free environment. No one is allowed to smoke or drink openly during the working hours and if anyone is caught doing this the company managers take a strict action against them. These strategies at first were not preferred by the employees as they were not used to it but after a time due to the effectiveness of the strategy the employees had to cope up with it. On the other hand the employees incurred great profits as the image of the company improved in the market and the employees worked more efficiently. While on the other hand this strategy had some bad effects too as our company consisted of employees who couldn't work without having their desired drug. Because of this effect employees who were loyal and worked efficiently for the employers had to leave their job as they were not able to work without having their desired form of drug.
The company implemented a new strategy to control the drug addictive environment inside the company. New employees are provided with special instructions when entering the company which describe the issue relating to drugs. The new employees are told about the strict policies of the company regarding drug related problems through a separate meeting designed for this purpose only. The company is taking effective measures in improving this program. The company also makes a meeting on a monthly/weekly basis for the old employees to tell them about the effects of the drug and how to control this drug problem. The program has been quite successful in decreasing the amount of drug intake during office hours. While on the other hand the program is not able to control all the drug related activity in the company as in some of the departments the supervisors themselves are indulged in drug related activities. The company is looking in this issue to further monitor all the supervisors so that the program is implemented perfectly. Employees are being guided by the supervisors and other specialized staff about drug threats and how to control the intake of drugs. Specialized doctors are called in for the guidance of employees which not only helps the employees to feel the importance of a drug free workplace but also helps the employees to stop themselves from doing any drug related activity which can harm them in the outer world. The meeting organized by the specialized staff is attended by most of the staff and it has a great influence on the employees.
The company has trained supervisors which help in controlling the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Drug-Free Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/miscellaneous/1527425-drug-free-workplace.
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