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Effectiveness of Internet and electronic communiation policy against Canadians - Essay Example

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In the worldwide revolution in electronic communications that has affected every aspect of life in the twenty-first century, use of the Internet in Canada has increased from 40.3 percent to 67.8 percent since 2000 (Canada's World) and is continuing to increase rapidly…
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Effectiveness of Internet and electronic communiation policy against Canadians
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Extract of sample "Effectiveness of Internet and electronic communiation policy against Canadians"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, Canada's place in the world economy requires the best use of ICT and this paper will attempt to study policies, information, and services that relate to Canada and the various benefits that can be derived from use of ICT. With the ability of Canadians to communicate worldwide, new problems arise and innovative solutions are necessary.
Rapid developments in telecommunications require new communications and digital and analog systems technologies. Innovations in applied science, particularly in computer systems and applications, are necessary due to economic factors in Canada, which, together with other major countries of the world, are in turmoil. Ryerson University, based in Toronto, is involved in research in all areas of communication. Information and communications technology adoption has been necessary, and ongoing research is investigating the organizational and social implications of what can be called "anytime, anywhere computing" (Ryerson, 2006). This paper will attempt to study the policies, information and services put in place by private and public means and determine the ways in which Canadians can benefit from ongoing global communications systems.
Before individuals can access the Internet, they need a service provider (ISP). The purpose of the ISP is to have some economic control over individual Internet use. But once the connection is made, the Internet has expanded to a point where individuals can interact online and offer opinions, suggestions, and product promotions, as well as personal movies, on sites such as MySpace and YouTube, and the Stock Market in Toronto is able to use mobile phones to buy and sell stocks. In fact, it is now possible to hold a global communications command center in one's hand, with voice mail, text mail, caller ID, video, a news banner, and music available 24-7. In addition, the Internet offers online banking and online shopping. There are many ways to go online, but once connected to an ISP, most everyone has Internet Explorer or a facsimile as a method of connecting to different sites online. The major search engine online is Google, with competition from Yahoo, and With so much online freedom, policies are necessary to offer guidelines and easy safe access for Canadian users.
Technology can be used to unite society, but it can also divide. Privacy and security are major concerns and related issues require policies that relate to Canada specifically. One particular aspect is the fact that Canada recognizes two major languages-English and French. Therefore, it is important that policies are accessible in both languages. Exactly what are the policies presently in place for Internet users Some areas in which policies have been introduced and are under review are in government online strategy, telecommunications, natural resources, advertising, and issues of personal privacy (Introduction, 2008).
Government Online Strategy
In 2001, the Canadian government acknowledged that policy should include a citizen focus involving Canadians in the "development, review and evaluation of policies, programs, services, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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