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Motivation - Essay Example

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The authors would like to thank our lecturer Ms Jeannette Ong Es-Lyn for the wonderful lectures she has given through-out this semester, and for the priceless knowledge she imparted to us, her students.
We also want to thank our parents for the love and encouragement by sending us to the university to have a bright future…
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Extract of sample "Motivation"

Download file to see previous pages KeySpan is the surviving entity of a merger between Brooklyn Union Gas and Long Island Lighting Company. It was Kenny Moore's job to bring together the personnel of the IT departments of the two merging companies. He decided to do it through an "open space" meeting, wherein the 400 IT staff members would come together to voice topics they would want to discuss in subsequent breakout sessions. Initially, the CIO was apprehensive that nobody would suggest any topic, and proposed planting topics with the directors in advance to "make sure some people came forward". Kenny discouraged this and said it was better to risk this chance and show the employees that the management trusted the process.
In the end, some 50 topics for breakout session were proposed, and the breakout sessions were enthusiastically and energetically undertaken, making the open space meeting a huge success. Kenny observed that the key to success was the "Ownership for a successful merger from the hallowed halls of serious management into the cubicles of the ordinary work." He attributed the success to the freedom inherent in a business "invitation".
A careful reader will note that the word 'motivation' is not used once in this case and yet, the case clearly has a lot to say about motivation and how it is managed in the workplace. Use the previously discussed theories to explain why people were motivated.
While the word "motivation" was never used in the case, it was clearly such a case. Management intended for people to perform in a certain manner and act a certain way to yield a particular result. Through the process of the "open space" meeting, management was able to motivate the people to do just that.
There are several motivational theories that may explain why the process worked. Herein we shall discuss the case from the point of view of four of these theories, for the sake of conciseness and relevance.
McGregor's Theory Y
In 1960, Douglas McGregor began a long-standing debate (that incidentally still exists today) with the publication of his book The Human Side of the Enterprise. He introduced in this work his theory for which he is famously credited, Theory X and Theory Y. Essentially, he posed the question, "Could employees be trusted and empowered to do good work, or did they have to be closely directed, monitored, and controlled to act in the interests of the firm'" (Kochan et al, 2002, p. 2) Theory X, which is defined as the authoritative management style, posits that employees need to be closely monitored and controlled. On the other hand, Theory Y, popularly known as the participative management style, answers this with the first alternative, that is, that employees, may be counted on to do good work on their own and thus may be empowered to act on their own initiative.
Theory Y makes the following assumptions:
1. Given the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Motivation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words - 2.
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...?Part A It is clear from the case that the staff at Cappuccino Roma is highly de-motivated and dissatisfied. This is due to the activities of its owners Karen and Simon who had paid very less attention in addressing the problems of the staff at the cafe and has failed to motivate them regularly. It could be taken instance from the case that they even lacked communication with the staff. The process of motivation in an individual or an employee’s life is like the following: Motivation consists of interacting as well as interdependent elements of three types, namely: Needs, Drives and Incentives. Needs are the basis for the drives which is in turn seeking the attainment of certain set of incentives. A physiological or a psychological...
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...and will to make extra efforts in accomplishing objectives on behalf of the company at the same time as recognizing the capability of one’s effort in achieving personal needs. The intention of this essay is to give a methodical and in depth enlightenment into the trend of employee motivation and at the same time explain how the effect of motivation can be on the employee’s obligation and work performance in an organisation. This will be made possible with pertinent examples and hypotheses, pertaining motivation of employee. In order to produce a focused type of presentation the paper will be concluded by me through the presentation of executions that are practical of either any or more...
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... of the various obstacles that may exist in the process of pursuing this goal. Finally, activation depicts the process or decision of behavior initiation, which is geared towards attainment of the goal. Motivation is characterized of various theories. Drive reduction theory is one of these theories, which argue that people tend to act such that their needs are reduced and a constant psychological state is maintained (Jiming & Xinjian 2013). An example is that, people will eat so that the need for food is reduced. Homeostasis, which depicts maintenance of a constant physiological equilibrium, is a common idea in this theory. The other theory is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory, which suggests that people are highly motivated because...
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...nd a host of other factors that would be viewed positively by the firm/entity in question. Moreover, the changing business dynamic in the current world, inclusive of rising competition, hiring freezes, procurement policies, and a host of other factors, means that a higher level of pressure is now exhibited upon human resource departments around the globe to maximize the level of motivation of the few employees that they can continue to employ as a means of continuing to stay relevant within the current model. Ultimately, this can be reduced to a firm or entity seeking to do more with less. Within such a dynamic, this particular analysis will measure some of the most pertinent motivational theories that exist and seek not only to define...
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...? Factors Affecting Employee Motivation Factors Affecting Employee Motivation In order to understand employee motivation as well their attitude towards work, Fredrick Herzberg carried out studies to find out the factors that influenced an employee’s motivation. He discovered that the factors causing dissatisfaction at work are different from those causing satisfaction. In light of this he developed the two-factor theory (Grasser, 2008). The motivation-hygiene theory tries to explain these factors. The hygiene factors are the dissatisfiers while the motivation factors are the dissatisfiers. It is important to note that the term hygiene is loosely used here to mean that these factors do not cause dissatisfaction on their own. Instead...
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... in the workplace and those are reviews of literature, case study and self assessment test. Literature of Reviews In this part of the project various aspects of motivation and its application in the work field has been discussed. Batul Nafisa Baxamusa has written an article on equity theory even she has described various aspects of the theory. According to her, motivation factors usually differ from person to person. She states that few persons are motivated through the fame they earn whereas for most of the persons money is the motivating factor. While analyzing the Adam’s equity theory, she has brought into light an interesting fact that most of the employees tend to compare themselves with their coworker to judge the remuneration...
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...of the study. The study concludes that the factors of motivation do not differ across generations. They have remained constant and include good wages, leadership roles, appreciation, recognition, achievement, job security and interesting work. Both derive intrinsic motivation from the work, responsibilities and these enhance their self-esteem in both cases. The difference lies in the expectations of the Yers fueled by the difference in the social environment in which they have grown up. This generation is ambitious and looks for quick career progression. This enthusiasm and expectation has to be recognized by the managers. They even prefer better communication with their managers and want to take...
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... be not reduction in their costs or improvements. Moreover, these systems are not supposed to have detrimental effects on the motivation of employee and their commitment (Empey, Cushen, Byrne & Watson, 2010). On the other hand, organizations require innovative methods in order to develop effective reward and recognition system that help them cope with changing needs and economic conditions. Effective rewarding and recognition systems are meant to motivate employees by aligning their objectives with those of the company. Therefore, this system requires balancing of employees’ compensation and acknowledgement for their good performance. In fact, this maximizes their competitiveness and acquiring return on their expenditure...
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... Motivation is a concept that is popular in the current field of management, and this is based on the fact that most employers normally want their workforce to be motivated for the purposes of improving efficiency in their duties (Karabenick and Urdan, 2010). Motivation can be defined as a management process whereby managers of an organization create a desire on their employees to be effective and productive on whatever they do (Higgins, 2012). Motivation is an important element in the managerial practice, and this is because employees who are well motivated will always be more productive, and engaged in the work they undertake. This is useful to the organization because it will manage to achieve its own objectives, satisfying its...
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...yourself important in the company’s mechanism. The individual motivation is under the influence of the following factors: - individual requirements; - personal understanding of justice; - remuneration; - social norms and beliefs; - personal values. Thus, the preferences in motivation are highly dependent on the cultural values of a person. Now we can trace a process globalization of business and cultural life, which is characterized by general consumer culture, common tastes. The international cooperation and competition is developing. We all understand that a chief sometimes can inspire an employee by one word or a glance, as well as easily demotivate him. Different companies and researchers working at...
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Rationale and Motivation for Overt Ethical Policy

...Rationale and motivation for overt ethical policy Ethics in simplest terms means to be able to discriminate between the right and the wrong and have the courage to stick to the right no matter what temptations may arise. Managers justify that the definition of ethics changes with the situation. John C Maxwell says, "I believe the problem is that they had never made the decision to be an ethical person." He says successful people make decisions early in life, and manage those decisions the rest of their lives. "You cannot manage decisions you havent made" (Maxwell cited by Hillard, 2004). With the fall of corporations like Enron and WorldCom, business ethics has been a hot issue, be it at the B-schools or at forums. Corporate scandals...
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Employee Motivation Management

First and foremost, Richard Gardiner should realize that the sales force has been losing on the motivation scale due to one reason or the other. He needs to find out what is the problem that is forcing them to do their worst in the field and thus only come up with 5% growth annually against 10% of the whole industry in the region. [2] There is something that really hampers with their work ethics and it is surely the sole factor behind their less work and more sleep on the job.
Richard Gardiner has to find out what steps need to be taken in the wake of motivating his sales team. The next step would be to find out the best possible manner in which he will communicate the same to these people who form the backbone of the company...
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Human Performance: Theories and Principles of Motivation

I have been assigned two HRM consultants who are busy designing the motivation questionnaire to be administered to all the group employees. However, this also gave me an opportunity to reflect over my personal strengths and weaknesses as I would soon have the most responsible task of convincing the top management about the contents of the questionnaire and the finalization of motivation report and its possible uses in the group in the formulation of exact policies and tactics to improve employee morale. My immediate boss gave me this entire assignment breaking the line structure and formalized it by getting it ratified by the board. He also built an incentive and bonus deal for me to be awarded on the successful completion of the...
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The Motivation of Employees

This paper mainly focuses on the impact of managers and leaders on employee’s motivation.
Many researchers have found that in spite of any theory of employee motivation, the high motivation among them invariably depends on interesting work, pay, good working conditions, the appreciation that they receive from their superiors, and job security. These factors are important factors in helping to motivate employees (, 2002). When we look at the advantages of employee it can be pointed out that motivational and inspirational experiences in their organizational life improve employee's attitudes, confidence, and performance. Managers and leaders are expected to have exceptionally good leadership qualities and good peop...
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Motivation is one of the most frequently researched topics in organizational behavior. Motivation can be defined as “the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal”Motivated individuals stay with a task long enough to achieve their goal. Process of Motivation start from Needs (desires or wants), Drive / goal directed behavior, Goal and incentives / reliefs. Basically if individuals need for achievement, need for power and need for affiliation fulfills, then a person may be motivated and persistently work to achieve the goals (McClelland, 1961). Persons will be motivated enough to exert a high level of effort and goal directed behavior if he o...
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Correlation between Motivation and Efficiency

It also has many warehouses to deliver chilled and frozen food to customers. It is highly unpleasant for the workers to work in the chilled warehouses. Just five years ago, one of the warehouses in Stroke-on-Trent introduced a new technical system that transformed the attitude of the workers and their efficiency.
Though the company spent almost £ 300,000 on installing a new system, it reckoned that by cutting down the mistakes and providing a better workplace for workers it could save that much amount in the first year itself. Prior to the installation of a new communication system, workers felt much boring with the old techniques of writing the movements of goods by a bit of paper and pencils. Apart from mistakes and e...
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Ryanairs Staff Treatment and Motivation Problems

To prove that not all of the public accusations against the way Ryanair handles its employees is true; a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods will be utilized using research survey questionnaires. Aiming to strengthen the research survey results, an interview with Ryanair’s human resource assistant manager, customer service supervisor, duty manager, and duty controller was conducted to enable the researcher to gain a better insight with regards to employees’ views on labor unions and the type of motivational strategies used by the company.
Ryanair is an Irish low-cost airline with its head office in Dublin and its main operational base at London Stansted Airport. It is Europes major low-cos...
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Work Motivation for an Organisation: Employee Reward Schemes

...circumstances impact the effectiveness of performance-based incentive compensation schemes. Regardless of their ultimate effectiveness, organisations implementing incentive schemes often anticipate improved recruitment and retention of employees by generously rewarding individuals who perform at high levels. The question of how to properly motivate high performing employees while not alienating other important workers is, however, becoming a more important part of many motivational programs (Stuart, 2005). In fact, establishing appropriate employee reward schemes and limiting undesirable reactions for those who fail to achieve imposed goals may be as much of a managerial difficulty as rewarding top...
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Motivation: Challenges in Implementing Motivation Theories in Organizations

...are the same all over the world, the factors which motivate the employees are different even in same country or different organizations. Many of the motivation theories with respect to what motivate the individuals (Content theories) or how the employees could be motivated (Process theories) are prominent nowadays. Even though many parameters can control the motivational levels of the employees, financial rewards seem be the most vital one. Along with monetary gains, Job satisfaction is also a crucial factor in motivating the employees to continue in an organization or improve their productivity. Macky, (2008) has mentioned that in...
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Employee Performance Appraisal and the Motivation the organisation (Jones & George, 2009). Since the transformation is taking place increasingly in most of the organisations, the role of the HR managers also tends to change. The HR managers need to be more competent in order to deal with such kind of changes. When such kind of changes tend to trigger, it becomes increasingly important to motivate the staffs and appraise the performance on a standard basis. Employee motivation and appraisal are the most significant roles of the HR managers (Jones & George, 2009). Importance of Employee Motivation and Appraisal It is a well known fact that the recruitment and selection as well as training and development components of the human...
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