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The relationship between marijuana and juvenile delinquency - Essay Example

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Juvenile delinquency or the commission of crimes by youth offenders is very prevalent nowadays. From a simple theft, this could extend all the way to heinous crimes such as rape with murder. There are a variety of reasons why such crimes are committed by the youth…
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The relationship between marijuana and juvenile delinquency
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Extract of sample "The relationship between marijuana and juvenile delinquency"

Download file to see previous pages Based on transactional analysis theory, in the case at hand, it can be deduced from the physical and circumstantial evidence that my son’s friend has committed the following criminal violations: trespass to dwelling, theft, and illegal possession of picklocks. Trespass to dwelling is committed by a person who shall enter the house or dwelling of another without the latter’s prior consent. In the case at bar, the mere presence of my son’s friend inside the house (which is presumed to have been closed and temporarily inhabited as not even a single occupant was found thereon at that time) raises the presumption that he is guilty thereof. At that time, no one could have given him the permission to come inside the house as there was no legitimate occupant was there at that time. His being my son’s friend doesn’t in any way legitimize his intrusion into the house without invitation or prior permission.
My son’s friend is also presumed guilty of illegal possession of picklocks. I must consider first the fact that I am very sure, non one in the house has ever had a picklock nor uses the same. The fact that my son’s friend was able to enter the house without the assistance of anybody, or any occupant from within, should be considered in relation to the presence of picklock found on the counter very near to the place where I found him. Common sense would indicate that the picklock could have been used to open the house door in order for him to gain entry thereon. It is not necessary though to actually see him in the act of using it as mere possession is sufficient to incriminate him.
Theft could also be considered against him in relation to my jewelries which I found lying in the counter next to him. Of course, I should be careful with the fact that neither I nor anybody from my family in the house had put the jewelries there. Besides, jewelries are not commonly placed in or near the kitchen but inside the bedroom. For example, if I usually keep my jewelries inside my bedroom cabinet, the mere fact that they were taken outside the cabinet (where they should be), already consummates the crime of theft. The jewelries need not be successfully taken outside the house because the thief has already exercised control over the subject jewelries when he took them outside the bedroom cabinet where they are kept. There is no other logical presumption that could be made on the information of the presence of my jewelries in the kitchen beside the culprit whose presence in the house is under question.
On the other hand, the fact that he smells of marijuana is not sufficient to indict him for violation of the law on prohibited or regulated drugs. On this aspect, the intervention of a professional is necessary in order to properly determine his condition. If it is positive, then he is guilty thereof. If it is negative, then he is not. I cannot rely entirely on my intuition as I may not be considered an expert in determining the smell of marijuana.
Based on the facts given and discussion above, I will do the following: First, I will call the police right away. This is for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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