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OpenBSD is the perfect operating system for server systems. In the technical point of view, presently OpenBSD supports or maintains ports for 17 different processor platforms. "DEC Alpha Systems, Intel i386 Systems, Hewlett-Packard PA-RISC, AMD AMD64 and Motorola 68000 processors, Apple's PowerPC machines, Sun SPARC and SPARC64-based computers, the VAX and the Sharp Zaurus." (Open BSD) are some of them…
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Solution and explain
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Q Which Linux or BSD distribution will you recommend for servers Explain your answer. OpenBSD is the perfect operating system for server systems. In the technical point of view, presently OpenBSD supports or maintains ports for 17 different processor platforms. "DEC Alpha Systems, Intel i386 Systems, Hewlett-Packard PA-RISC, AMD AMD64 and Motorola 68000 processors, Apple's PowerPC machines, Sun SPARC and SPARC64-based computers, the VAX and the Sharp Zaurus." (Open BSD) are some of them. It was developed by Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). An important characteristic of this operating system is that it mainly focuses on the security and code accuracy. OpenBSD has many security features that one cannot expect in other operating systems as this operating system has undergone for a high standard of auditing of the source code for possible bugs and security problems. Hence OpenBSD is recommended for servers.
Q-2) Which Linux or BSD distribution will you recommend for desktops Explain your answer.
FreeBSD, a product of Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), is a PC compatible operating systems(OS) which can support Intel x86 family(IA-32) including MS Xbox and other systems like AMD 64, PowerPC and NEC PC-98 architectures. It is termed as a complete OS. The kernel, device driver and all sort of utilities like shell are incorporated in the one source code revision tracking tree(CVS). This OS is well known for its reliability and robustness. It has also been noticed in the long use of this OS that "no crashes have occurred and that no kernel updates have been deemed necessary, as installing a new kernel requires a reboot and resets the uptime counter of the system." (FreeBSD). Hence it is best OS for desktop systems considering its reliability and compatibility and ability of reporting uptime precisely.
Q-3) Describe your data backup policy, including backup strategy, hardware and software.
Formulating a data backup policy ensures data security from unexpected hazards. It is applied to safeguard the information resources that prevent data loss or data corruption. Data loss can expected any time by "an accidental deletion or corruption of data, system failure, or disaster". (Purpose and Scope: Data Backup Policy 2007). In case of any natural disasters or any other accidents the policy ensures timely restoration of information and business processes. Once the policy is devised, certain backup strategies are to be adopted like uniformity in taking timely backups, such backups are to be authenticated periodically, recovery or data and restoration in case of any corruption or damage of data etc. For ensuring necessary backups appropriate software and hardware mechanisms are required. Hardware parts include sufficient storage devices that can accommodate data backup of several stages and software defines the appropriate application utilities for the backup process.
Q-4) How will you deal with documents that are to be shared among departments such as accounts receivable
Sharing of resources always is a matter of great concern. Because every department need not refer all the documents of an organization. So documents to be shared as per their need for respective departments and its applicability. By ensuring proper access authentication to different users or departments of an organization will secure the confidentiality of the documents. Privileges are to be assigned for the right personnel for accessing the documents by providing separate departments with passwords and necessary user-ids.
Q-5). There are two department managers who will not be converting from their Microsoft desktops.
How will they have access to shared data files
Microsoft desktops can access data files from BSD servers using Desktop virtualization method. Any department of an organization which runs BSD servers can provide data to any standalone environment systems, whether it may runs with MAC OS or Microsoft systems. So data accessing is not a difficult issue due to different working environments or operating systems.

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