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Psychodynamic Perspective in explaining Human Experience - Essay Example

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Psychoanalytic approach to personality created by Sigmund Freud premises that human experience is dealt by the unconscious. Much of what we do or say is driven by the information stored in our unconscious mind these include thoughts, feelings, impulses, beliefs, fears, and desires…
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Psychodynamic Perspective in explaining Human Experience
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Psychodynamic Perspective in explaining Human Experience

Download file to see previous pages... Superego - The controlling aspect of personality development. This is relative to conscience and imposes restrictions which intern helps the child to work in accordance to the ideals set. Superego is the representative of the societal boundaries, a judge who checks one's actions as right or wrong.
Conscious refers to the views and thoughts that a person is aware off, whereas Preconscious are the views and thoughts that a person is not aware off at a particular time but when reminded they become conscious. But unconscious are the memories and thoughts that not available to the person. It is seen that these unconscious thoughts shape individual behavior and experience.
Phallic stage - From about 3 years to 6 years of age form the phallic stage, this pleasure lies in fondling genitals. We have often seen a male child holding their genitals and playing with it. During this stage, around the age of 6 years, one can see opposite sex attraction, this attraction is of a male child towards his mother and of a female child towards her father. ...
Psychosexual Stages of Development

Freud divided the age of the child in different stages of psychosexual development.

These are:

Oral stage - During the first year of life. Infants get pleasure from nursing and sucking and put everything that they get in their mouth.

Anal stage - The second year of life symbolizes the beginning of anal stage, the pleasure lies in both withholding and expelling feces.

Phallic stage - From about 3 years to 6 years of age form the phallic stage, this pleasure lies in fondling genitals. We have often seen a male child holding their genitals and playing with it. During this stage, around the age of 6 years, one can see opposite sex attraction, this attraction is of a male child towards his mother and of a female child towards her father. A system of inferiority complex develops within a child if their parents are seen together without involving the child.

Latency stage - This stage comes at the age of 7 years and last till puberty (age 12).

During this stage a child isn't concerned about his body but now it is trying to develop skills and is influenced by the environment. This stage shows peer group formation and similar sex attraction in playgroups.

Genital stage - Genital stage starts at puberty, the mature phase of adult sexuality and functioning. Symbolizes adolescence and its nature.

Freud believed that problems at any of the psychosexual stages of development can fixate development and have a lasting effect on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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