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European Studies - Essay Example

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Europe is one of the smallest continents in the world apart from Australia. It stretches westward from the Ural Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. The Urals form the border with the continent of Asia, which is deeply indented, with many peninsulas, bays and islands…
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European Studies
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Extract of sample "European Studies"

Download file to see previous pages However, this is not the only reason as to why Europe is further divided into different areas such as the eastern and western Europe. One of the primary elements that make this particular situation worse is the political divide in the country.
As noted earlier, besides geographical divisions, there are certain measures of political factors that make the unity among European countries effectively possible. Understandably, it is through this particular factor that the European people are now living in different status of opinions about their governments and the status of life that they are living in.
With the history that covers the European territories, it could not be denied that the entire civilization of the European generations have come into different essential understanding as to what has happened to their country to the years. Each individual is sure to gave a different point of view with regards the must's and the must-not's of the past leaders and rulership in the continent as applied in the present situation of the political status of the entire continent.
Throughout its history, Europe has had a great influence on world politics. It was the ancient Greeks who first created a democracy, in about 450 B.C. This system, where the people choose the government, is widespread today. During the Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church held great political influence across Europe. By the 1700's power had shifted away from the church into the hands if a few nations such as Spain and Great Britain. They grew rich from exploring Asia, Africa and the Americas. Many of these colonies did not gain their independence until the present century.
Both WWI and WWII began in Europe. After the Second World War, the continent split into Communist countries in the east and Non-Communist countries in the west. Since then, Europe became the center of power struggle, known in history as the Cold War that existed between the Communist and the Non-Communist countries within the European continent. In the 1980's, reforms in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe led to the collapse of communism there. New states emerged when the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia broke up. The Cold War ended but the conflict between ethnic groups and economic problems caused new tensions in Eastern Europe.
In An Aim of Reuniting Every Country in Europe
FOLLOWING World War II the countries of western Europe faced a tremendous job of economic reconstruction. Their industries were in ruins and their people were poor. The establishment of freer international trade and closer cooperation was a logical response to the situation. During the 1950's an added incentive for these countries to unite was the fear of many Europeans that the threat of Soviet aggression was growing. What steps were taken to achieve this unity of western European countries Have the organizations established for this purpose proved successful What prospects are there now for greater unity in the future
After long preparation, the Council of Europe was established in May of 1949. The goal of this organization is to promote closer unity among its some eighteen-member nations so that economic and social progress might be achieved. (Drake, 2005, 87)The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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