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European colonialism is often depicted as a force of greed that exploited the African people for financial gain however, one cou - Essay Example

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Moral Benefits of Colonization to both Africans and Europeans Many accusations have been raised towards the west for the African colonization. Accusing fingers have been pointed towards the colonial rule, its evils and the suffering that African people were subjected in the hands of the Europeans…
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European colonialism is often depicted as a force of greed that exploited the African people for financial gain however, one cou
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European colonialism is often depicted as a force of greed that exploited the African people for financial gain however, one cou

Download file to see previous pages... Europeans used guns and bombs. This was described as spiritual or religious war, as the Africans hoped for immunity from the bullets, offered to them by their gods. However, the evils of the war have been discussed over and over, with little focus on the benefits the war had on Africans and the Europeans. This paper seeks to find out the benefits of the war to both Africans and Europeans, especially through moral changes. As earlier noted, Africans used bows and arrows, swords and shields to wage their war against the American soldiers. However, during the progressive days of the war, they adopted the Europeans style of fighting, and embraced the use of guns and bullets. Although these arms were not legally acquired as the African militants staged ambush on the American army and stole away their guns and ammunition, they helped improve their fight against the American soldiers significantly. The realization that their forms of fighting could not be comparable to that of the Americans quashed their naivety and they started embracing the importance of modernized forms of fighting. To this modern day, the Africans import guns and ammunition for war and internal security. The African disorganized form of fighting always gave advantage to the Europeans soldiers. They did have any form of training in fighting skills. This made the European army to have an advantage over the Africans. With time, they learnt the art of organized fight which greatly improved in their fighting tactics. At times they surprise that Americans soldiers and won in a number of battles. Most of the African and European gains from colonization were long term. Various changes were experienced by Africans, but also enjoyed by the Europeans. Effects of colonialism are felt in the African continent even to this day, years after the rule ended and the continent became independent. The Europeans gained economically through the raw materials that they acquired from Africa. The Europeans borrowed the shield used by the Africans in the war to form a basis for a number of games played by the Europeans. Some of the African games were adopted by the Europeans with minimal changes to suit the European children. Other games played by the European children based their ideas from the African games. Although most of the Africans consider the colonial rule to have been bad, evidence shows that they benefited handsomely from the rule. Some countries that were not been colonized when they lagged behind other countries that had undergone the colonial rule, they attributed this to the lack of the colonial rule in their country. An example is Ethiopia, a country that was not colonized by and foreign power. Emperor Haile Selassie declared that at one time, the county was too poor because it had not experienced the colonial rule like its African counterparts. For example, most of the Africans before the colonial era were culturists. They did not have a formal religion and mostly thought that their gods lived in the forests, in caves or in the mountains. However, with colonization, Europeans brought religion to the Africans. They taught them the values of Christianity and the importance of the bible. The Europeans introduced Christianity to the Africans, and thus changed their way of life and understanding of Christianity. Many at times, the Africans would offer rituals and sacrifices to their gods, but when the Europeans ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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European Colonialism and Africa

This paper shall discuss the thesis that in Africa, European colonialism served a moral purpose and was mutually beneficial to both parties in infrastructure development, social and economic development, modernization/ industrial development, and development of nationalism/ political unification, but these benefits did not outweigh the negative effects of the same.

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European colonialism over African people as benefit for both sides
It is a fact that “the colonial era interrupted Africa’s natural development and condemned the continent to stagnation and continued exploitation” (Juang and Morrissette 298). Between 1880 and 1935, Africa experienced very many changes; some of the African countries were under the direct rule of the European masters and the African leaders were in charge of their independence and sovereignty (Boahen, Africa under Colonial Domination 1).
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European colonialism
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