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The Risks of Unprotected Sex among Australian Teenagers - Essay Example

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According to the Health Insite web pages on teenage sexual behavior, "most" young people in years 10-12 are sexually active, and that 9.4% of young Australians having sex do not use any form of contraception. As recently as eight years ago, abortion was the second most common hospital procedure for Australian women between 12 and 24 years old…
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The Risks of Unprotected Sex among Australian Teenagers
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Download file to see previous pages These contacts will be used as the source for statistics relating to incidence of HIV/AIDS, other STIs, and unplanned pregnancy among young people.
Palliative Care Worker
Add Details.
A palliative care worker will be interviewed for more information about living and dying with HIV/AIDS.
An anonymous teenage source will be interviewed to get their opinion on subjects relevant to the articles, such as unprotected sex and thoughts on the consequences.
This site is being used as the source of all factual information about the physical effects of HIV/AIDS and other STIs.
This section of the AVERT web site contains real life stories from teenagers who have HIV/AIDS. Some have contracted the virus through having unprotected sex.
Secondary Sources
Health Insite - Contraception
The Health Insite web pages are a collection of many different sources of information. It is included here to show the source of the various other page links. All direct links from this site have been reviewed by Health Insite's editorial team to ensure the quality of information is high.
Health Insite - Safe Sex
<> A collection of articles relating to safe sex in Australia.
Teen Health Topics - Are you Ready for Sex
This site provides advice for teenagers on safe sex and deciding if they are ready to have sex. This will be used to help readers decide these questions for themselves.
Family Planning Association Fact Sheets
These are a collection of pamphlets containing a...
With unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) a very real risk of unprotected sex, my intent with this project is to provide the full facts to young people. I believe that many young people ignore contraception simply because they are unaware of the issues, or because they have not been presented with the issues in a way that makes them real. Teenagers especially always think "it won't happen to me". My intent is to show them that it does happen to people like you. I intend to interview and collect information from people and sources that clearly show the devastating effect unprotected sex can have on teenagers, from unwanted pregnancy to HIV/AIDS.
The Health Insite web pages are a collection of many different sources of information. It is included here to show the source of the various other page links. All direct links from this site have been reviewed by Health Insite's editorial team to ensure the quality of information is high.
This study shows a high correlation between sexual knowledge and sexual confidence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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