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BDD Proposal to HMC: Multidivisional Marketing - Essay Example

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Doing business and managing it coherently is a crucial matter that needs critical and careful undertaking. Financial issue is a common discussion among corporate meetings on how to overcome deficit and when company insufficiently suffice the operational cost and management…
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BDD Proposal to HMC: Multidivisional Marketing
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Extract of sample "BDD Proposal to HMC: Multidivisional Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages Health Medical Center (HMC), an important account to BDD, is at financial crisis that needs to do cost cutting in human resources and its purchases on medical supplies to meet the goal of budget adjustment and overcome the offer of a competitor in meeting their adjustment.
In response to the requirement of HMC, BDD is considering to apply the planned multidivisional marketing program approach, which may be applicable to HMC account. HMC is at aim to reduce financial budget of whatever business venture that is applicable. Terumo's proposal of offering business discount 15% lower to the current amount BDD collects from HMC through a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), Allied Purchasing Group (APG). HMC decided to go with the Terumo's offer and solidifies it proposition with the conducted test with their products in the HMC departments that concluded as a viable option for cost reduction. Implementing multidivisional marketing plan is a proposal available for a key account like HMC. As a saving potential, account management and supply-chain management will be applied to address the needs of HMC and retain BDD as their supplier via a GPO.
As the multidivisional marketing plan has put down for future implementation, the need of HMC of 10-day proposal requirement to address their response concerning the issue of is of time scares to do detail by detail mechanics. In the end, this will help company synergized and work in a close relationship among BD departments. Beating the Terumo's instant discount offer with this marketing strategy will take time in employing but a great percentage reduction will be at stake.
Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) plays an important role. As an advantage, health care providers-such as hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies-realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating purchasing volume and using that advantage to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors and other vendors. Hospitals and other health care providers use group purchasing to obtain the right products at the very best price.
Bearing in mind that Terumo's offer has a marketing goal was to have a visible market to establish identity across health industries, which purchases hypodermics supplies. This is an approach made by Terumo to win in the competition. With this dealing of 15% discount bulk purchasing direct transaction, counterpart approach offered by the recommendation of Kmetz of around 10%. However, this will not get into HMC approval for the company requires 16% reduction.
What BDD can offer to this business transaction is to offer Multidivisional Marketing Program. During the implementation of this program, the 10% discount can be offered to them showing that after implementing the multidivisional marketing approach would save more than their target cost-cutting margin of which is greater than 15%. This is the appropriate scheme to retain this key account, the HMC.
The guarantee to be offered by BDD to HMC in sufficing its needs with the aim of keeping the account with them needs also resolution in the side of HMC if they will take the idea or not. Nevertheless, what BDD must consider to point out is the value-added services and the centralization of business transaction that would, behind the scene, would less the cost on administration and management. In association with this program is the value-added service that all are not seen or considered at times. Letting HMC see the benefits of this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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