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The Effects of TQM on Human Resource Management - Essay Example

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Total Quality Management, one of its many definitions goes, is a way of managing people and business processes to ensure complete customer satisfaction at every stage, within and outside an organization. The basic foundations of TQM are people, first and foremost, followed by processes and systems…
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The Effects of TQM on Human Resource Management
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Extract of sample "The Effects of TQM on Human Resource Management"

Download file to see previous pages Wilkinson, Marchington & Daleuman believe that "TQM is unlikely to achieve its objectives unless there is greater awareness of the people factor in quality management." Even if a strategy and the tools employed may be considered fool-proof, nothing will happen if the people side of the equation is not properly addressed.
Most management experts share the same thoughts. Strategic planning, which is a prerequisite in TQM, takes WHAT IS and develops ideas on WHAT SHOULD BE along with plans for HOW TO GET THERE. Since such planning provides the road map for GETTING THERE, it is important to incorporate the people or human resource factor in this effort. Strategic planning is therefore nothing but human resource planning, which is another name for Human Resource Management. Perry & Mesch (1997)
This paper will attempt to chronicle how HRM evolved from its simple screening-and-hiring role in the past into its more critical and multi-faceted functions of today, an expanded role imposed on it by necessity because of the advent of TQM. At the outset, this has been the most visible effect of TQM on human resource management.
In the past, human resource management went no farther than classifying job positions, recruitment and hiring as well as ensuring proper employee benefits, discipline and seeing to the organization's compliance with employment laws. This role has expanded to include duties on building a more stable, better qualified workforce as required by the TQM approach, which calls for a team effort, assistance in developing it and objectives-based performance appraisal systems. To be able to contribute to an organization's success under a TQM approach, human resource development now covers the following:

Internal career ladder system - this is done to focus individual attention on strategic issues facing the organization over the long term.

Formal training - continuous training is held for everyone to fit in the organization and become a valuable contributor to the team.

Result-oriented performance appraisal - this is conducted as basis for promotion, demotion, retention, transfer and pay scale.

Employment security - this is put in place for employees to devote their attention to the job at hand rather than worry about their possible dismissal.

Employee voice/participation - active participation in the effort to achieve the organization's goals raises the employees' morale and sense of duty.

Broadly defined jobs - employees are given more challenging and meaningful job assignments to keep them on their toes.

Performance-based compensation - rewards for a job well done inspire employees to do better.

TQM calls for the involvement of top management and all levels of the organization and this in turn requires a more strategic approach to the management of human resources which is HRM. There is a "hard" type of TQM which pays little attention to the people element in the drive for continuous quality improvement. This TQM type is largely production-oriented such that emphasis is given to systems, processes and procedures. The criteria for the granting of ISO-9000 and British Standards-5750 are based mostly on this type which disappoint HRM professionals who feel that greater emphasis must be placed on the human aspects of TQM. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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