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1. Provide clear 9.0-m span to accommodate full length of bookshelves. Interior columns, therefore, are limited to locations within the exterior cavity wall at the side and at the intersection of the adult's reading area and the stairs.
The framing is as illustrated in the framing plans in scheme 1…
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Library extension
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Download file to see previous pages The roof beams are supported by the exterior main columns and are placed as a rafter. A truss is not included since a roof beam can carry the roof loads and also for the reason of abiding by the design intent of having a "high ceiling" and unobstructed natural light from the glazed section of the roof. The foundation is composed of isolated footings and retaining walls for the basement part.
The longest span involved is 13 meters which is located at the faade of the building. Since the requirement is for the faade to be entirely composed of glass, two columns are supporting two roof beams propped against each other. The load transfer is synonymous to that of an arch frame. The two columns are supported by a main beam at ground level and beams that connect it to the next span. In the event that a huge lateral load or a very heavy roof load is applied way beyond the structure can support, these columns likely would be the first components to fail. No attachments are made to the existing museum and library, thus the new extension is structurally independent from them. Spans of 4.5 meters and 9 meters are designed for the beams wherein intermediate beams are provided for beams supporting a span of 9 meters. This would yield smaller members in the subsequent analysis and design. Tie beams are also found in the foundation and ground floor framing to support lateral movements. Further, aside from beam-to-column connections, there are beam-to-beam connections as well, and a planted column supporting the stairs.
3. Accommodation of Services
Building services are accommodated and are given 0.8 meters. For services located in the basement, ground floor, and first floor; there is enough space for the conveyance of building utilities and at the same time, their pipe runs can be concealed. However, cladding must be made at the 1st floor overhead utilities (e.g. lighting), since there is no ceiling at the 1st floor.
C. Scheme 2:
1. Functional Framing
Scheme 2 is designed to have the least number of structural members as possible. The advantage to this approach is less members and longer spans that would give to larger uninterrupted spaces. However, members would have to be bigger or deeper to support longer spans. The framing for the basement remains the same as in the previous scheme. The framing support for the ground floor is remarkably decreased. This is for the reason that tie beams have been eliminated considering that the ground floor slab would be slab-on-fill. A wall footing tie beam is designated as support for the admin office wall. For the first floor framing, only one intermediate beam is designated for the slab at the adult's reading area. The span of 9-meters on the side of the cavity wall side is supported by two columns only. The roof framing is the same as in scheme 1.
2. Load Transfer and Stability Aspects
As in scheme 1, the area of concern is on the supports at the faade since no column is located on the center of the faade that would possibly support a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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