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Weathering Steel - Advantages and Disadvantages - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Weathering Steel - Advantages and Disadvantages" states that weathering steel offers a very healthy and cost-effective solution for massive steel construction including bridges and open frame structures exposed to harsh weather conditions in terms of low maintenance costs…
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Weathering Steel - Advantages and Disadvantages
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Extract of sample "Weathering Steel - Advantages and Disadvantages"

Download file to see previous pages Weathering steel is also known as Indaten or Cor-Ten (, 2010). Its mechanical properties are influenced by the percentage of different alloys constituent of the weathering steel. The most distinguishing characteristic feature of weathering steel is its anti-corrosive behavior exhibited through a self rusting procedure that is a byproduct of the unique nature of oxidization it undergoes, which is quite different to that experienced by unalloyed forms of steel. Although weathering steel experiences corrosion just like other steels, in the beginning, the process is different once the rust layer is formed. Conventional steels undergo rusting to develop an unstable layer of rust, that would detach from the base metal with due course of time allowing for the process of rusting to continue. Thus the steel continues to corrode. It is the enhanced stability of the rust layer of weathering steel that distinguishes its rusting process from that observed in other steels. This paper evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of weathering steel, with special reference to its use as a construction material.
When the benefits of different metals are measured for use in structures and members exposed to weather, weathering steel shows a considerable edge over others on the basis of the following characteristic features.
Weathering steel attains the color of rust after some time of exposure to open air and under alternate cycles of drying and wetting. The beautiful rusty appearance of weathering steel is one of the reasons for its selection as a construction material because it is not possible to artificially produce the color and texture it owns naturally.
With its unique dark rusty purplish-brown color, it appears very simple yet appealing to be used in various forms of art in general and the sculptures in particular. Street statues and monuments are commonly made of weathering steel. It is the same weathering steel, that lends the statues a rich texture and rusty shine. The intrinsically beautiful rusty color of weathering steel lends a touch of antiqueness to the sculptures, which adds to their value. The Chicago Picasso sculpture in Chicago is one such example of the use of weathering steel in outdoor sculptures. (, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Weathering Steel - Advantages and Disadvantages Research Paper.
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