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*The student will develop a 10-12 page that answers Yali's question. The production of this carries the signifi - Term Paper Example

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Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel Topic: Tutor: April 9, 2013 Introduction 1. Yali’s Question: heavier European ‘cargo’ over New Guinea ‘cargo’. Yali, a New Guinea political officer asked the question why people from Europe had developed and brought so much cargo to New Guinea when New Guinea residents had fewer cargo to carry…
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*The student will develop a 10-12 page term paper that answers Yalis question. The production of this paper carries the signifi
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Extract of sample "*The student will develop a 10-12 page that answers Yali's question. The production of this carries the signifi"

Download file to see previous pages The focus of the discussion included the superiority of the European civilization over the New Guinea residents. The Europeans’ bigger cargo gave them the huge advantage, in terms of forcing the European way of economic, political and social life over the less cargo-carrying New World inhabitants. The question veered towards asking why the people of Eurasian origin were able to conquer and colonise the world. 2. First Answer to Yali’s Question: Superior Eurasian power over other races. Further, the Europeans colonized the world during 11,000 B.C... The European Conquest initially started with the conquest of Alaska. The Europeans also conquered the Bering Strait. At the same time, the same European group learned to live in the cold weather of Siberia. The Europeans brought with them agriculture technology. The conquests include the economic distribution of South America’s famed sweet potatoes to North America’s Polynesian community. In 1492, The European explorer Christopher Columbus discovered the Caribbean islands filled with Native Americans (Diamond 57). Furthermore, Pizarro used superior ships that carry his army from Spain to the Americas. On the other hand, Since the Inca Emperor, Atahuallpa, did not have the same technologically advanced European ships, the Inca emperor, Atahuallpa, could not expand his kingdom across the seas (Diamond 73). Spain financed the construction of the sturdy ships and paid for the salaries, food, and other expenses of the Pizarro trips and other Spanish ships’ trips to conquer new worlds in the Americas and other non-European nations. 3. Second Answer to Yali’s Question: Superior Eurasian Technology over other races. In 1808, The British sailor Charlie Savage used muskets t defeat the defenders of Fiji Island. His muskets clearly overpowered the swords of the Natives (Diamond 70). After the killing of the Inca Emperor God, Atahuallpa, The Inca Empire self-destructed. Spain also had writing technology. Technology improves the communication among the constituents or armies. The Inca emperor, Atahualpa, did not have the luxury of writing technology. Consequently, he could not vividly distribute his message to the farthest person within his kingdom. 4. Third Answer to Yali’s Question: Superior Eurasian Wealth over other races. During the European conquests of the New World, the European nations had the money to builds strong ships. The European nations had the money to buy guns and other steel weapons of war. The Europeans had the money to pay its citizens to work as soldiers conquering and colonizing new worlds. The Europeans has the money to train its sailors on ways to implement the European concepts of politics, economics, military strategies, and advanced technologies on the less developed non-European nations (Diamond 23). 5. Fourth Answer to Yali’s Question: Weaker non-Eurasian races: a. Sub-Saharan African people. The people living in Sub-Saharan Africa were mostly farmers. Some of the people were hunter-gatherers. The people used hand tools for their farm production activities. Consequently, the 1500 A.D. period bore witness to the European’s steel weapons’ overpowering the farm tools of the Sub-Saharan Natives (Diamond 9). The Sub-Saharan Natives focused on herding farm animals. The same people engaged in metal product production. The communities were built on complex ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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