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Playworkers' Responsibilities with Regard to Common Forms of Abuse - Essay Example

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To fulfill this duty, playworkers need the correct knowledge, skills and attitudes. The knowledge areas include full awareness of what to look for in an abused child, both physically and behaviourally. For example, sexual abuse may have few physical signs, but a child may display inappropriate sexual behaviour or knowledge, for its age, draw explicit pictures of a sexual nature, have eating problems, depression or try to run away from home…
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Playworkers Responsibilities with Regard to Common Forms of Abuse
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Download file to see previous pages They should be able to make full and correct records of everything and also know the laws which demand the required action (e.g. Children Act 1989)
Finally, their greatest responsibility is to the child first, so the attitudes of caring kindness, empathy, and support must be present. They need to listen, question appropriately (for age), offer help and support. Thus a knowledge of support systems and services is necessary.
Identification, Consultation, Referral, Initial Assessment, Planning, Strategy Planning Meetings, and after all these, either of two strategies may be put in place: 1. Services offered to child and family to ensure its future welfare is secured, or 2. Child's name is placed on the Child Protection Register and further assessments, meetings and reviews of progress will continue. Flowcharts 1 5
The playworker will have input, as someone who knows the child and its circumstances. If they have raised the concerns, they should make clear and correct records, consult with managers and colleagues, and those in other child protection roles, usually beginning with Social Services. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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