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Finance and Management - Essay Example

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The paper is a case study for the BBC Business Plan. The paper starts with an executive summary about the evaluation of a Business plan. It states a framework of evaluating a business plan based on several criteria's. First, the criteria's are listed and a short introduction is given to each criterion and then the case is analyzed for each criterion…
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Finance and Management
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Download file to see previous pages Finally, a decision is arrived at whether the firm can be financed two hundred thousand dollars.
This Criterion must answer the following questions: What problem are you solving What is your business proposition for solving the problem Who are your customers Who are your competitors How viable is your business How do you make money
Executive Summary is clear & effective as a stand-alone document. In the case, BBC is trying to solve the problem of customization of bicycle frames. There is no business proposition. The customers are mountain bike riders and racing professionals. BBC is a niche player and there is no information about its competitors. BBC makes money by selling Bicycle parts.
In Joe's Case, the executive summary is a projection of sales without any explanation on what basis the projection is made. The problem is not clearly stated. From the executive summary, it is evident that Joe's specializes in providing high-quality fast food via company-owned portable carts in high-density urban office locations. The business proposition is clearly stated to provide high-quality fast food which is 100% natural. The customers are employees working in urban office locations. No information is provided about the competitors. ...
The executive summary of BBC is very practical and workable. This is a favorable one.
The executive summary of Joe's is viable but the sales projections made have no basis. Still this is a favorable one.
Product or Service
This criterion must answer the following questions: What is the product or service What are its attributes Advantages and potential drawbacks Why/how is your product/service more compelling than existing ones or the competition What is the stage of development Do you have a proprietary position or intellectual property protection planned or in place
Most successful companies start with just one product or service or a few, at most. Trying to do too much too fast and having to educate the consumer about a product's or service's benefits can push a company under before it's out of the blocks
BBC is having a single product of manufacturing bicycle frames as per the requirements of the customer. The features of the product are light, stiff, responsive and race worthy. The great advantage of BBC is customization and this forms the most compelling reason for choosing BBC.
Joe's Redhots sells premium-quality hot dogs and other ready-to-eat luncheon products to upscale business people in high-traffic urban locations. Joe's Redhots is positioned versus other luncheon street vendors as the "best place to have a quick lunch." The features of Joe's product include cleanest carts, the most hygienic servers, the purest, freshest, products, and the best values. Prices are at a slight premium to reflect this superior vending service. Joe's Redhots also is known for its fun and promotional personality, offering consumers something special every week for monetary savings and fun.
BBC is very clear in its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Finance and Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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