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Future Trends in HR - Essay Example

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The major force behind recent changes in human resource management (HRM) has been globalization. It has increased competition and made effective people management more important (Schuler & Jackson 2007). Furthermore, new organizational forms such as international joint ventures and mergers have underscored the need for a more dynamic form of HRM.
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Future Trends in HR
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Download file to see previous pages The digital age enables part-time, remote work along with new paradigms that reward creativity. Motivation cohesive teams capitalize upon new systems of applying human intellect.
Certain advances in HRM have helped meet these challenges. Holistic management helps leaders see people within an organizational framework where these process networks are emerging (Chiavenato 2001). Some of the traditional roles of HRM have become domain of middle management, and strategic planning has become a task for HRM. Joint decisions and communication augment this emerging corporate culture.Helping employees develop their full potential as well as developing alternatives to traditional conflict management are just some of the new trends toward more effective HRM.
As globalization continues to consolidate many of the previously disparate systems in business, HRM is changing to meet these new challenges. It is becoming more and more dynamic and is emerging as a synergistic force in this global economy. Nevertheless, as nuances in organizations appear, HRM must adapt to dynamically meet these demands.
Chiavenato, I. (2001). Advances and challenges in human resource management in the new millennium. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Future Trends in HR Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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