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White /Case Study in Human Resource Management - Research Paper Example

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This is the reason why many topics like sexual harassment, wage and salary legislation, recruitment, interviewing, affirmative action, equal employment…
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White Paper/Case Study in Human Resource Management
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Extract of sample "White /Case Study in Human Resource Management"

Download file to see previous pages When some employees are treated shabbily based on their gender or when they are misrepresented due to their minority role within the organization, then the subject of sexual harassment comes to the fore. This has been much debated upon and its repercussions are quite strange to state the least. It is a given that sexual harassment is mostly reported by women because they are the ones who feel left out under certain situations. Either they are being given a tough and torrid time by their employers or their peers are creating all sorts of problems for them. The need is to understand where to draw the line and forbid the harassing individuals from what they are undertaking within the realms of an organization.
Wage and salary legislation is another important consideration of the human resource management regimes. This is because there are some employees who are being paid well but others do not feel that they are suitably placed within the wage scenarios. The manner in which these wage and salary legislations are being discussed in the time and age of today is something that creates a divide amongst the people, and which essentially is the basis of illogical dispositions at the workplace. Some employees feel that they have been hard done by while others are being paid extravagantly even though they are doing the same amount of work or even working lesser on certain occasions (Kamoche, 1991).
Recruitment measures within an organization remain quintessential because old employees need to be replaced with the new ones and this requires a formal process. The new recruits need to be told exactly about the rules and procedures of the organization, and the manner in which they need to carry out their respective chores. Further, they must also be told about the kind of environment that they need to create within the organization which inculcates harmony and camaraderie across the board. Recruitment is therefore an inherent process which brings ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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