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Information Technology Training - Essay Example

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Part of this technological advancement is the emergence of the Information Technology. Information Technology (IT) management is often regarded as the unquestioned cornerstone towards competitiveness in the 21st century (Brancheau and Wetherbe, 1987). These technological advancements have brought people especially those in the business word to utilize a strategy that would be helpful in enhancing the business value of any organisation…
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Information Technology Training
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Download file to see previous pages In any business organization, the core responsibility of the management is to ensure the consistency of its stakeholders' relationships, to establish that the planned output can be achieved with the planned inputs of labour, capital, and materials. For each of these relationships, there is a corresponding financial flow. Herein, the firm receives sales revenues from its customer, makes payments for to its suppliers, meets its wage bill and its tax bills and pays a return to its investors (Brancheau, Janz and Wetherbe, 1996). These are being totalled and summarized in the business value statements while the competitive environment- the relationship between the firm and its rivals-determines the degree to which the business value can be created. The purpose of any business strategy is to put together a set of relationships which maximize and meet the needs of any industry and to minimise problems.
The merging of information technology and the business strategy in order to ensure growth and competitiveness of the company is often called strategic alignment. This happens when the Information Technology management performance merged with the most essential strategies and core proficiency of the business organisation (Burn, 1993). When both of these are being aligned, the capability of the Information Technology (IT) becomes consistent and amalgamated with the central strategic path of the organization as a whole, which allows different stakeholders to create a particular Information Technology linked business forces and organizational strategic ways and directions. The strategic alignment of the business strategy and the information technology management is not only risk-taking to the efficacy and efficiency of the organization to create a business value in using Information technology.
The complexities of achieving business success through increased efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness, combined with innovative applications of IT, has heightened the awareness of both IT and business managers towards more strategically oriented approaches for planning and management (Luftman, Lewis & Oldach, 1993). Some studies suggest that no business or corporate strategy is complete if there is no information systems strategy. For most firms it is the business strategy that increasingly is dependent on, or made possible by, investment in appropriate information systems. For some, however, the corporate strategy may be linked closely to information systems, especially if information technology provides the infrastructure through which the firm positions itself in its sector or plans to diversify or integrate into another sector.
Using Information technology in a business signifies different advantages and disadvantages. It is said that people are living through an era in which organizations within industrialized societies are experiencing a prolific growth in the development and deployment of information and communications technologies. The development of an IT-strategy discourse has thus been partly the result of technology developments. It also reflects however a more widespread concern ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Information Technology Training Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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