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Pros and Cons about Abortion - Essay Example

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The world has changed drastically over the past few years; the culture across the globe has drastically changed. There are far too many abortions taking place these days when compared to the previous years. …
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Pros and Cons about Abortion
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"Pros and Cons about Abortion"

Download file to see previous pages Undergoing abortion is a very difficult step to take for any woman and it takes a lot of guts to take the decision. This paper will throw light upon why women choose to abort.
Abortion according to many is a very big sin, killing the unborn is an unmerciful act. The irresponsible people in the society, without thinking about the circumstances put themselves in a situation which is extremely undesirable. Everyone must act and behave responsibly to avoid a situation which is undesirable and abortion is without a doubt an undesirable situation for any human being to be in. The biggest con of abortion is that it an unmerciful act, the unborn infant does not deserve to die; there is no mistake of the infant for which the infant should be punished. "Half the percentage of women obtaining abortions is below 25." (Pros and Cons of Abortion, 6 December 2008). This is the age when the people are sexually active and it is highly immoral to involve yourself in a relation without accepting the responsibility which the relation brings with it and opting for abortion is refusing to accept the responsibility. No society appreciates women opting for abortion because it is an immoral act and the same is its biggest con
"Some women use abortion as a type of birth control. They sleep with men and do not use protection and think nothing of it to go to the clinic as many as five times in their life to have an abortion. A con against abortion is the nagging thought that a woman went to a clinic, had an abortion, and thus the world was prevented from seeing the birth of the only person capable of attaining a leadership role and initiating a peace accord between warring factions in the Middle East, thus preventing decades of strife and murder. A stable home life is not a guarantee of talent, and illegitimate children have shown themselves to be very bright on occasion, Lawrence of Arabia for one." (Pros and Cons of Abortion, 10 May 2009)
Abortion is a very big risk to the health of the woman who opts to undergo abortion. Miscarriages are one of the biggest risks involved when a woman opts for abortion; the biggest risk is to the life of the woman who opts for abortion. There is a high possibility of a woman losing her life when she opts to undergo abortion. Considering the same it is highly insensible to put an individual in a situation where abortion is the only solution. "Every year nearly 42 million women decide to have an abortion and about 20 million of them are forced to resort to unsafe abortion, 98% of which are in developing countries. Unsafe abortion was the cause of 66,500 deaths in 2003, representing 13% of all maternal deaths worldwide. Incidence of unsafe abortion is highest in South America and Eastern Africa whereas mortality rates due to unsafe abortion are much higher in Africa than anywhere else in the world." (Unsafe Abortion, 10 May 2009).

An Insight
Abortion can have a positive as well as a negative impact on the health of a woman. Women suffering from serious health problems like heart disease, kidney disease etc, have a positive impact of abortion on their health. The body has to be well prepared for childbirth, diseases weakens the body and opting for an abortion many a time helps women in avoiding further health complications. In societies where women are considered child bearing machines, opting for abortion gives them their own identity and the right to choose the fate of their unborn baby.
Many women use abortion as a contraceptive, this is both good as well as bad. Good because it keeps a check on the size of the family and limits the expansion of the family, bad because it has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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